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Monthly Club Meeting

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2017/01/25 18:30

Don't forget this month's monthly club meeting - Wed 25th January at the Bowls Club. This is the first meeting of 2017.

Those of you wishing to contribute to Jacques initiative to help support our fire-fighters, read his post and bring your contributions to the meeting.

Arrive from about 18h30 to eat, drink and socialise. 

Breede River “Bewondering” – Relaxed overnight camping trip, 04 – 05 Feb

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2017/02/04 07:30
2017/02/05 17:00

I know that this is very short notice and that most people are probably still recovering (either physically or financially) from their December Holiday, but I’m going to give it a shot and see if there are any interest in doing a short notice overnight camping trip. This is the perfect little get away for those of us who didn’t had a break over the festive season or for those who just want or need a quick break from the city rush.

Last Club Meeting of 2016

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2016/11/30 19:00

Don't forget this month's monthly club meeting - Wed 30th November at the Bowls Club. As usual, we celebrate the year with some festivity.

Arrive from about 18h30 to eat, drink and socialize.  The formal part of the meeting lasts about an hour from 8 to 9 pm.  There will be snacks provided, free drinks, and spot prizes.

Easy Off Road Tour : Lesotho & East Cape Drakensberg : 18 - 29 Mar 2017

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Only 7 days leave needed.

Pillions encouraged with experienced riders.

So a visit to The Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho has been on your “bucket” list for some time but you have never had the right opportunity to get there. Here is a fantastic opportunity for both you and your partner to join a group of like minded Dual Purpose Motorcycle enthusiasts on a visit to Lesotho and just to put the cherry on top we will throw in a visit to the Rhodes area of the Eastern Cape as well.

Club Cederberg "Off Road" Day Ride : Sunday 30th October

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2016/10/30 07:00

Come along and join the Club for a nice easy dirt ride to visit Gerrit & Chantal at the famous Cederberg Oasis.

The ride will suit most riders but not rank beginners. This is not because of difficult terrain but rather because of the distance we will need to ride.

In order to keep the ride "easy" we will go to the Oasis and return on the same road.

If it is a hot day it may be an idea to bring your costume & towel along.

We will have lunch at the Oasis.

West Coast "Jurg se Kaya" Seafood Trip : 18-20 Nov 2016 : Off road

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Dates :  18th to 20th November

Finally - our destination!: Jurg se Kaya on the right, with some of the sleeping shelters further along

Monthly Meeting & SGM :: 28 Sep 2016

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2016/09/28 18:30

This Wednesday 28th Sep 2016 is the monthly club meeting, and a Special General Meeting to ratify the new constitution.  Only members in good standing will be allowed to vote or participate in the discussion.  The proposed draft of the new constitution is here:

Oudtshoorn Tour - 30 Sept to 2 Oct 2016


We will be visiting Oudtshoorn, over the weekend of Friday 30 September to Sunday 02 October, and mostly staying at Kleinplaas - I say mostly, as there is not a lot of accommodation available there, so be sure to book ASAP.  Once Kleinplaas is full, you will need to look for accommodation elsewhere in the town.

Monthly Meeting :: Wed 31 Aug :: Bowls Club

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2016/08/31 18:30

Don't forget this month's monthly club meeting - Wed 31st at the Bowls Club.

Arrive from about 18h30 to braai and socialize.  The formal part of the meeting lasts about an hour from 8 to 9 pm.  Braai fires will be provided, and there is a Cash Bar.

PACKING A BIKE FOR AN OFF TAR ADVENTURE: Wednesday 14th  September 2016

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2016/09/14 17:30

The next PACKING A BIKE FOR AN OFF TAR ADVENTURE training is scheduled for :-

Date  : Wednesday 14th  September 2016.

Venue: Donford Motorrad- Stellenbosch

Time : 18H30 to 21H00

places  : 20 places



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