New way of training - Off Road Training RIDE - Level 1, 2 & Pillion 29 May 2016

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2016/05/29 07:45

29 May 2016 : New way of training - Off Road Training RIDE - Lev 1, 2 & Pillion

The aim of this training is to ride, stop, discuss areas that we have ridden.

Just stopping and restarting on gravel is a learning find the right place to stop…soft sand pull aways challenging, discussing what you experienced…we learn from each other all the time.

The world is one huge university that teaches us new exciting things every day, interact with your riding buddy and learn from each other.

We will meet at Anura Vineyards, as per norm, for coffee and registration. The normal theory and regrouping will be done at the restaurant area. From there the Level 1 and Level 2 will re-group and will take different routes, doing their thing on routes that will be worth taking with trainers that will be of assistance and guide u through the terrains.  Neels and Pete will lead the Level 1 group onto a picturesque route with easy, relaxed riding terrain with ampoul stops to discuss riding position and bonding with your machines. 

John & Arno will take the Level 2 group to breathtaking terrain with escape routes. This will be a more challenging ride to areas you've never ridden before.  

Both groups will meet at the same venue for a late lunch.

Cost: R200.00 pp for paid up club members / R250.00 pp for non-paid up members.

Lunch and drinks for your own account.

Please book online, EFT to the BMWMRCCape bank account and send proof of payment to

Hope this can add value to your riding skills and confidence.  This is a trial run.  Looking forward to hear from you.

For any more information, don't hesitate to contact John Carr, 021 8884200.




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