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Hi there!

Recently moved to the Cape (Jan 2017) and even more recently upgraded to a Dakar 650. Prior to that I'd been riding scramblers around the farm for years and less frequently my old man's 1150 GS. Bit of a heavy bike for my skill level and requirements though so decided a 650 would be a better fit!

Looking to meet and learn from anyone who's friendly and willing!

Copied straight from my bio for the site! I joined to ask just one maintenance related question but there's way too much interesting info to leave this forum so, I'm here to stay!

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I am always keen to go for a burn. Loads to see here and IMHO the Cape has for the better riding cos there is lots...and lots :)


I am going to Durban on 21 March til 6 April if anyone wants a riding buddy.



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Keep a keen eye on the events page. Plenty happening there! Other events will be added as dates are finalised. There's usually a whole variety of useful training stuff thrown in: beginner/intermediate off-road bike riding training (very useful - been to a few!), self-rescue training (I've had to use this knowledge a couple of times...), mechanical training (e.g. how to fix puncture), what to do when you're first on the scene of a bike accident, etc, etc.

Another great place to check for rides and like-minded souls is the Wild Dog forum.

And, last but not least: welcome to the Cape. You have come to the right place for beautiful mountain pass riding. Check all the dots:

Joined: 2018/02/05
Thanks for the tips! I see there are some training days coming up, very reasonably priced too! I'm quite keen to try some of them out. You can never stop learning! Great link to the mountain passes too!

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