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Congratulation to all the new committee members.

Trust you will enjoy your new positions, remember to have fun and keep it simple.

Thanks to Wouter for a fantastic meeting last night.

Keep up the good work.  

Donford Motorrad Cape Town

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Joined: 2017/06/27

Hi Dave


Thank you

Committee: Vice Chair / Ride Leader

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Joined: 2010/04/27

Who is on the new committee? Sorry, I could not attend the meeting last night.

Take responsibility for the energy you bring into the room!

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Joined: 2007/06/25
Name Position Cell / Email
Wouter de Vos Chairman / Ride Captain 084 503 6115
Garry Van As Vice Chair / Ride Captain 0825799633
Jacqui Ferreira Secretary / Ride Captain 0828278869
David ffoulkes Treasurer / Clubs Africa / Ride Captain 083 260 2937
Ian Verhulp Clubs Africa / Ride Captain 082 552 1143
Magda le Roux Social Secretary / Ride Captain 0832877069
Charles Oertel Webmaster / Ride Captain 083 309 6079
Rouen Williams Ride Captain 0798938398

Donford Motorrad Cape Town

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Joined: 2010/04/27

Congratulations to the new committee members. Thank you so much giving your time to make this Club such a success. 


Take responsibility for the energy you bring into the room!

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Joined: 2009/10/13

Baie geluk aan die nuwe klub komitee.  Veral die nuwe lede en nuwe Voorsitter. Baie dankie vir die "ouer garde" wat bereid is om leiding te gee.  Ons sien verseker uit na blink idees en 'n opwindende jaar. 

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