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I am not in the habit of naming and shaming but in this case I have no choice! It is in the interest of the general public.

Early July 2019 I gave my BMW R1200GSA to a second hand motorcycle dealer in Durbanville as he assured me he had a few possible buyers for my bike. Living in Willowmore it’s difficult to get guys to come and have a look at the bike, so why not.

Nothing came of the possible's and he and I advertised and he gave me regular feedback on how difficult it was to sell my bike, high mileage, wrong colour and being a base model.

Left for Belgium 28 July and got back 27 August and still no sale but when we met up he tells me he is considering buying the bike for himself as it is such a nice bike! This however never materialised and many phone calls later I am assured my bike is difficult to sell.

Sunday 10 November I have a discussion with him as to what is happening with the bike and he had an offer of R10000 less than what I ask! I say no and decide I will advertise myself again. I do so and the next day I have two prospects but at 22h00 I get a call from a person telling me I can’t sell that bike as it has been registered in her name since October 13!

Next morning I call the sales guy and say I have a buyer and he has not to worry anymore, needless to say it gets quite, when he speaks he says he has sold the bike as well, the guys is picking it up in the morning and paying cash the price I ask. Then I spill the beans and obviously he denies, but I sent him the registration papers I by then had received from the lady.

That’s not the end of it, the lady did not buy it from my guy but someone else. Eventually we traced the paper trail and my sales guy had given the bike to another sales person he owed money to under the pretext he bought the bike from us and paid in full. That sales document we have as well, dated 27 August, note that’s the day I came back from Belgium.

Somewhere in August he put some money in my account to pacify me but 13 November after he was caught out he paid R50000 instantly. Now in December I got the remainder of what he owed me!

Now, he got the bike early in July, gave it away end August to pay debt and held on to my money till he was caught out mid November and only paid the rest in December. This after bull and bull and bull.

Now who is this guy? Shaun Dickens (Ex Hamman motorrad, ex GS Traders) working from RCR motorcycles Durban road, Bellville. I was warned against him but against my better judgement, I ignored! Just don’t ignore my warning! Stay far away from him, wherever he works or whatever transaction he may propose! You been warned!

Do it today, maybe there is no tomorrow!

Off road instructor at "Rough and Ready"


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