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Outdoor events are becoming more accessible and are increasing in number and diversity.

Safety of the event participants and public is a big responsibility and accreditation is important if you want to participate as a motorcycle event marshal.

Trained, event marshals are proving to be a valuable asset to event organisers and a must for participants to work towards course safety and event enjoyment.

This training equips you with accreditation and skills that will be valuable to the organiser, the participants and the public supporting the event.


The next marshal training is scheduled for :-

Date                   : Thursday 11th February 2016

Venue               :  DONFORD MOTORRAD, Webersvallei road, Jamestown/Stellenbosch

Time                  :  18H30 to 21H30

places                :  20 places

Convenor         :  ANDY CONNELL

 Cost                   :  R 135pp

Book                      :  online at

Your payment secures your booking.

Payments made to the Club account

First National Bank

Branch  : Long Street, code 201709

Acc No: 50060098602

Reference : Name  & Marshal


Who  : The current bike marshals as well as any interested in being trained as an event marshal.  

Any ride leader or aspirant ride leader or interested persons.


This is a must do training session if you want to be listed as a qualified event marshal for road and off-road sports events.


Marshalling is not just about being good on a bike and riding a course.

It is a discipline and carries enormous responsibility.


1 Kenny Steyl

2 Guillaume Cillie

3 Ferdinand Jordaan

4 David Ffoulkes

5  David Bullimore

6  Craig Cauvin

7 Gerhardus Keuler

8 Pierre Coetzer

9  Jan Coetzer


11  Bennie Rheeder


13  Murphy

14 Andreas du Preez

15 David Morris

16 G Booysen

17 Murray Grier

18 Andrew Hughes

19 Tarryn Beretta


The training covers:

  1. Duties of a marshal
  2. Working with other disciplines and organisations – SAPS, DSAR, WSAR, Metro, Rotary clubs, Peddle Power, etc and how we all work together to a common goal and cooperation
  3. Order of Control and Command.
  4. Mentoring a new marshal
  5. Crew guard and LZ management
  6. First-On-Scene incident reporting, scene management, prioritising actions.
  7. Bike to bike communications. Basics. Setting up a network.


A BMW Motorrad Club Cape numbered certificate is awarded for this training.


We will be having the Ground school practical with the AMS Rescue helicopter on Saturday 13th February, early morning.

07H45 SHARP at the Strandfontein beach.

Head in and you will see a club banner.

Call me if lost

Please do not be late.

Bring your own refreshments we will be working on the grass patch field on the extreme left of the car park.

Call me if you would like a dropped pin.

This involves the safety briefing and becoming familiar with LZ control and also to accustom you to the approach and departure routine of the rescue helicopter and to get the feel of the rotor wash from a safe perspective.


Please let me know on Thursday if you will attend this ground school.

Candidates from past courses are also welcome to attend.



Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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Thank you one and all for being on time, no no shows. All present, and your very welcome participation, questions and debate.

You were a great group and made it all worth my time and effort.

Special thanks to Donford BMW for accommodating us, preparing venue, and for Donnatelli for providing the snacks.

Behind the scenes, my sincere thanks to Philip Malan, who opened up and closed the venue and has always been so helpful when arranging training facilities.


We are fortunate.

More fortunate than any other motorcycle marque to have dealers here in Cape Town who understand how much we want to live the ride and who go that extra ten miles in after sales service to provide a training venue, support and service to us as a community.



I speak for my colleagues in training when I say we do this because the support from Donford Motorrad is always so great and it makes us enthusiastic to do more.



Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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Thanks to AMS, Metro and the NSRI for accommodating the BMW motorcycle marshals on ground school training, Saturday 13th Feb 2016.

This followed the succesful marshal training the previous Thursday.


David, Jan (supported by his wife Alma), Andrew, David, Tony and Andy met on time 08H45 for the training.

The Skymed helicopter operated by AMS, landed shortly before 08H00.

The crew re-configured the cabin for SAROP sorties and then we commenced to be briefed.

The outcomes were to familiarise the BMW Mounted marshals with helicopter operations and to attend a 'ground school' to gain practical knowledge and experience in working around the AMS rescue helicopter.


Should one of these marshals ever be 'ón scene' where the helicopter is called in to medevac an injured person, they will know how to take charge and assist in controlling a landing zone. Creating a perimeter, containing that perimeter and keeping everyone safe.

We were schooled in aircraft configuration, how to be of value in an event and what to expect.

We also attended the briefing for Search and rescue tasks deploying rescue Swimmers and recovering them and the patient.

We performed crew guard duty and had first hand experience of the rotor wash with five cycles of take off and landing.



David, our club treasurer paying attention to the briefing.



Team BMW Motorrad Club Cape - Tony, David, Andre, David, Andy, Alma, Jan, Andrew, the marshals who attended the ground school.


We participated right from the start and were incorporated into the crew guard to create a safe perimeter.

The aircraft made five sorties, taking off and landing at the same place.

The 3 metro rescue swimmers and 2 NSRI rescue swimmers rotated for each sortie where they flew out over the beach to the beyond the surf zone and deployed a rescue swimmer who jumped from 15 feet into the water, swam to a casualty (Station 26 NSRI crewman) and placed him in a rescue strop, then signaled the helicopter in for the extrication and were short haul hoisted back to the LZ.


After all five sorties were completed, pilot JR Redlinghuys shut down and  held a thorough debrief.

Tony, David, Alma and Jan  during the debrief.


Andrew (2nd from L). Tony, Jan, Alma, & David  at the debrief.




Tony (2nd from L), Andrew and David looking on



Andrew helps to re-configure back to primary role while Tony looks on


Andrew, Tony and David watching closely as the helicopter is prepared for her primary role after the exercise.


We all left at 10H30.


Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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Wow, how great is that, it must have been quite an experience for those who attended and most definitely a huge learning curve!   

It's such a pity I couldn't make it, and to make things worse, the reason for me missing it was non-eventful in the end ... the stand-by phone was SOOOOOOO quiet angry.  

Andy, will there be a next time and if so, will you please let us know when it is as I really would love to attend?

Thank you again.

Regards Tarryn 2015 BMW F800 GS - it's time to tame this beast!!!

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Sure, AMS will give us this opportunity every 6 months.


Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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I would also like to attend the next round. Should I just keep an eye on the forums?

There a feeling I get

When I look to the west

And my spiritis crying for leaving

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best is go follow the online booking link and book on the next course now, that way you will receive notifications.

Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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