A Morning of Firsts

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First breakfast run, first group ride, longest single trip ride on my new-ish bike.

This is more of me saying how much I enjoyed my first ever Breakfast Run and group ride and a thank you thana trip report.

Arriving at the Engen meeting point was a sight to behold for me: I had never seen that many GS's in one place besides at a dealer. So riding with 16 bikers was a thrill of its own even before getting to Franschhoek pass.

Just want to say thanks to everyone for making my first club run a memorable one and making me feel at home. Some of the things that stood out for me from the ride:


1. Great community
I love how everyone seems to have been on one or more rides with each other in the club. Enjoyed hearing all the stories from past trips. This increased my appetite for adventure riding and touring big time.

2. If you're new to group riding, don't ride towards the back of the group.

Learned the hard way that it's hard work catching up to the front runners especially if you don't want to be the one holding back everyone behind you.

At least I now know what my bike can handle. I've only had this bike for month so hadn't really opened the throttle.

On our way back I made sure to be up in front and had a much more relaxed experience.

3. Sandown Blues Restaurant in Kleinmond has a stunning view.

Good food and good service too. 

4. The unexpected off-road patch was awesome

I over-estimated one of the bends on the Franschhoek pass and found myself riding on the gravel as I tried to not to any sudden or hard moves that would make me fall.

My mini incident had George (in front) and the guys behind me a little worried. Thankfully I managed to control the bike and not fall.

Thanks everyone for the tips on counter-steering and riding techniques, I did much better on the other bends that followed. 

Also, when is the next track day? I can't see it on the upcoming events.

Short pit stop for drinks at Drummond Arms Restaurant & Pub

I haven't been riding for long (1 year) however, this (riding with other people) is my best bike experience so far. Looking forward to more rides, seeing more of our stunning country and becoming a better rider.

Special thanks to Geoff Russel for your warm hospitality and advise(s) from the time we met at GS Traders. It's your fault I'm spending all my money on adventure riding cheeky


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Hi Humphrey

Welcome to the BMW "family" and congrats on your first club ride. I'm glad that you enjoyed it and we wish to see you on many more.

Safe riding wink

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Thanks Humphry.

Was great having you with us.

Look forward to many more.

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Hi Humphrey

Thanks for the trip report - I hope it encourages others to come on their first breakfast run with the club.  My first ride with the club was also a long list of firsts for me - and what stood out was the friendliness of everyone in the club.  I told myself that I would come straight home if I felt uncomfortable for more than 1 minute - and now I have been in the club for 13 years or so.

Track days organized by the club are very infrequent.  The next one that I know of is organized by Donford Motorrad Cape Town, on 12th of May.  Get hold of them and book - it is one of those rider-life-changing events.

Safe riding

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Thanks guys! 

I'll get hold of Donford Stellenbosch for the training day.

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Donford Cape Town and speak to Harry Clifton.


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Ok thx

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