Morning beginners gravel ride Durbanville to Paarl. 9 June

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Morning beginners gravel ride Durbanville to Paarl. Sunday 9 June

Sunday 9th June

The BMWMCC is offering a morning ride on gravel from Durbanville to Paarl and back.

This ride will be a relaxed, slow ride to give riders new to gravel and opportunity to experience gravel riding under the tutelage of experienced riders.

Fuel & lunch for own account.



DATE     : Sunday 9th June 2019

Costs     : no charge for paid up BMW MCCC members.

                 R50.oo fee for non club members. (club dues not paid or not registered).

               We do not take cash for obvious governance reasons.

Only those booked on the ride will be allowed to join the ride.


BookingBook online here

 No fees for pillion


Bank account details:

  • First National Bank
  • Branch: Long Street
  • Branch code: 201709 (Standard Bank users must add 2 zeros at the end)
  • A/c no: 50060098602
  • A/c name: BMW Motorcycle Club Cape
  • Ref: Your Name+Paarl ride

Please email the EFT payment remittance to only.


Any dual sport bike welcome.


We will meet 08H00 Plattekloof Engen, Palttekloof road.

We will deflate tyres to off-road pressure at the Engen.

At 08H20, riders briefing, route plan and departure at 08H40.

We will split into groups of 10 riders, with experienced riders leading and sweeping.

Some of you have done this before and now when you do it again, you will be surprised how some 'dicey' parts that scared you seem so tame the next time round.

We will ride- irrespective of the weather.


Join us to build up kilometres under the belt or just to enjoy our exquisite back yard.

This is beginners ride.

If riding slowly does not appeal, you may not enjoy this ride.

The route will take us through Contermanskloof to the Malanshoogte road.

Then on to the Spes Bona gravel road where we stop for a briefing on gravel riding.

We follow a 81km  mix of easy to ride gravel then tar then gravel road to the foot of Paarl mountain.

In between we ride through two farmsteads- (2nd gear, no noise, no dust please).

We ride the famous Jan Phillips Drive and come out at our brunch stop.

There is a chicken run on tar to the restaurant if Jan Philips drive is too much for you.

After brunch (your own account) you can go off on your own, or join us as we head back 50 km via Suide Paarl, Fairview on a mix of tar & gravel to Durbanville.

You will realise we have a host of really cool roads to ride, on gravel, right on our doorstep.

There is no back up vehicle on this ride


Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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We have 25 booked for this ride,

emails sent confirming to each.

looking forward to this event.



Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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I’m in. See you there. Look forward to it.

Geoff Ford

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Weather report looks good.


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Two more sleeps,
Looking forward to a good ride.
Steve, and I did the recce ride on Thursday and we are in for a great day.
The venue is ready for us.

We have a nice surprise in store for us as well, but more of that when we get there.

Most of you will need to take a small detour on tar to get around the Mosselbank river which has dammed up at Mellish to leave a pond of still clear water, most of you will not like.
But you can come watch the crossing before moving on the detour to the next RV point.

THe roads are drying up nicely after the rain




Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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Good afternoon everyone

I am really looking forward to tomorrow's gravel ride to Paarl.

I am not sure as to exactly which Engen we must meet at. Could someone please send a link so that i can get the directions.



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Thank you all for a really enjoyable and safe ride.
I appreciate the effort and self discipline form each of you to keep my record of injury free rides intact.

Thank you Jackie Wiese for the photos.

Ivor Dyason, sweeper for Steve's group pays attention during the ride briefing by Andy


After 28 kilometers of tar and a bit of gravel we reached the Spes Bona gravel farm road and stopped for a more detailed briefing on gravel riding disciplines and techniques.



On the Spes Bona road, bikes all parked neatly on the right to facilitate easier mounting and pull-away, Andy, Claire, Rowan and ? in a yellow disguise


Claire looks on during the briefing on the Spes Bona gravel road



The Western Cape never disappoints with stunning views and vistas.

The weather was awesome .


Andy & Claire cross the Mosselbank river, under Noel's watchful eye.


The same river, two days before the ride, Andy crossing the Mosselbank river on the ride route-reccce with Steve


Steve Jones, leading the second group rides over the Mosselbank crossing


In fact everyone rode across easily and smoothly - looking up into middle distance, not down at the front wheel


The newly revamped and under new management- Freedom 301 on the R301 opposite Val de Vie


LIz (far left in doorway) Mike, Andy, Linda, Mark, Stevo, Ivor and Sebastine in background, right) chilling at Freedom 301

Thank you for all the feedback received by phone, at the venue and by Whatsapp.
It makes my effort so worthwhile and rewarding.

Great to meet new faces.
Treasurer is checking for payments form non-members- R50.oo.
Please make your EFT if you have not already done so.

We had four- late cancellations, sorry those people missed a great morning out in our backyard.

Gary from the venue apologises for the slow delivery of food, but phoned me later to discuss their start up delays.
In future instant coffee will not do, and slow neither will slow service and he promises that start up woes are mastered.
When Steve n I visited there during the recce, we saw new kitchen gear being installed, but they assured us it would all be okay.

I do believe they will make a massive improvement- it's under new management and ownership.

Nevertheless, the roads were in excellent shape and you all made good time and the weather was absolutely perfect.
I hope the club fortnightly breakfast ride was as enjoyable.
Thanks for a super morning on the bikes.
Be nice to see some photos posted in this thread if you took any.

Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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Thanks for a great ride! The complexity of the ride was spot on, as it provided streches that challenged us a bit, while others were perfect to build up confidence. I had a great ride! 

(Btw - It's me in the yellow disguise ;-) )

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Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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Thank you everyone for a lovely ride. Thank you Captains and Sweepers.

Everything was perfectly organised, really great doing a ride where everything is clockwork.

Learned alot from everyone - Thank you Christo for the pressure reading tip on the R1200!

(Sharing that with a video soonest.)

The roads were fantastic and like everyone kept pointing out, we are so privileged to have such lekker roads on our doorstep in Cape Town.

Some pictures and (water-crossing movie to follow!)






~2014 R1200 GSA LC K51~ *Nellie*

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Going through Water:

Ride Captain providing hands-on training on how to cross water during beginners gravel ride.




~2014 R1200 GSA LC K51~ *Nellie*

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