Monthly Club Meeting & AGM - 28 March 2018

2018/03/28 18:30
2018/03/28 22:00

Don't forget this month's monthly club meeting - Wed 28th March 2018 at the Bowls Club.

The meeting will include the club AGM as announced at the previous monthly club meeting.

  • Snacks will be provided at no cost.
  • Come from 18:30 to socialize, do admin or have a drink (cash bar available).
  • Official Meeting will start at 20:00 - 21:00
Committee Members - Availability and Vacancies

      Neels Wilken – Chairman (Stepping Down)

      Wouter de Vos – Dealer Liaison (Available for re-election)         

      Carel vd Merwe – Clubhouse Convener (Stepping Down)                  

      Charles Oertel – Web Master (Available for re-election)

      Craig Cauvin – Membership (Stepping Down)

      David Ffoulkes –Treasurer/Clubs Africa (Available for re-election)

      Ian Verhulp – Clubs Africa (Available for re-election)

      Jacqui Ferreira – Secretary (Available for re-election)

      Geoff Russell – Additional Member (Available for re-election)

      Magda Le Roux – Social Secretary (Available for re-election)

Club Members available for selection:

Rouen Williams and Garry van As.

If you are willing to serve on the committee please send us your name and surname.


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