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Nothing wrong with TKC80 in front.  They are a great tyre and were designed for the GS.  Also, since the front wears less quickly, you will get good mileage from them.

I run with Karoo 3 front and back at the moment, but would run a TKC80 in front if the opportunity (read discount on the tyre) presented itself.

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I've got TKC70 on the rear and TKC80 on the front. Ride every day irrespective of weather.

Inflate rear to 3.0 and front to 2.6 bar for commuting. Drop pressure to 1.8 - 2.0 offroad depending on conditions.

I've done 8,000km to date and am very happy with the tyres.

PS as expected, the tyres are somewhat noisy. I wear earplugs so the noise does not bother me.

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I also have a rear TKC70 and front TKC80.

I find them a lot quieter than (my long time favourite) the Mitas E07; or the Karoo 3. The first time I rode with a Mitas I thought the drive shaft bearing was going ... 

But: I'm not really happy with the TKC70 on back - I think it's inferior to either the Mitas or Karoo 3. For me the '70 is in the same category as the older Anakee (haven't tried the new wilds). It feels more tentative on looser gravel; and buries itself in really soft stuff.  I haven't tried it on any really rough rocky terrain - but I'm not terribly optimistic. On hard gravel highways, when warmed up a bit - they are pretty good though.  

The big difference between Tony's and my setup is of course the extra 2 centimeters. On the width of the tyre, people! He's about 20cm taller than me ... 

So, a wider TKC70 on the LC may have less of a tendency to wander. And Tony avoids the really loose "stuff" anyway.  

There's one thing about both Conti's that I really like though - better than any other tyre I've tried. They really keep the air in.  Seriously, one would think that's the basic job of a tyre - but in 3 months I've never had to 'top up' the presssure weeks later.  The harder-side-wall tyres do lose the odd KPA. 

There's no one tyre that's going to do everything. You have to find something that works well for you - so you can trust that you are going to get x-thousand km of good grip on the trip you are planning. For me the best allrounder (including tyre life), on the 'air-cooled' 1200, for my riding style, has been the Mitas E07.  

But I really like the TKC80 on the front now, I might just keep that and use the Mitas on the back. 



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I have heard many adverse comments (and people changing their tyres) due to the TKC 70 "wandering" on the road.

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Metzeler Karoo 3 feedback:

I started this thread in February last year (time certainly flies!) and subsequently fitted a set of Metzeler Karoo 3 tyres (front and rear) on my 1200 GS air-cooled. Until now I've done 5000 km on the tyres, mostly during cooler periods with probably cooler roads, over long distances and with only rider and luggage on board. Around 50% was on tar at around 130 km/h on average and the rest on gravel roads ranging from hard surfaces at higher speeds to going-really-slow sections with loose surfaces and in very bad condition. I did not cover sand, neither wet roads.

The front tyre still looks brand new after 5000 km. The rear tyre is still OK for, I guess, another 1000 km.

I'm very happy with my choice thus far. I knew from the start that I wouldn't be getting the mileage that I'm used to on dual-purpose tyres, but the benefits for me and for my riding style certainly made up for it.

  • The solid feel of the bike and the grip of the tyres on tar and on gravel just boosted my self-confidence. No more wondering where the back-end might might drift to in loose gravel as I was used to on dual-purpose tyres. Just straight line momentum all the time, going forward.
  • Tyre noise (humming) is evident. (I ride with earplugs, so it doesn't bother me.)
  • An interesting "bonus" is the ability of the tyres to claw when cornering. This is especially evident on tar. It is almost as if the bike is progressively glued to the road surface as the lean angle increases. Really an amazing and comforting feeling.
  • As I didn't cover sandy or wet roads, I cannot report on the tyre's performance under these conditions. I can, however, say that I wouldn't hesitate to tackle such roads when the time comes, purely based on the self-confidence that the tryes instill in me. And, in the end, with off-road riding, isn't self-confidence what matters most? 

When it's time, I'll replace the rear tyre with a Karoo 3 again. This time, however, I'll make sure that I run the tyre in properly (something which I haven't done with this first set of Karoo 3s) before embarking on longer trips. From what I've read on this and other forums it should increase the life of the tyres.



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Stephen I read your mileage comment with interest, Tyre and fuel consumption are closely related to the right hand, As one noted earlier, ride in the rain mode 

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Hi Geoff

Comments on various forums re: TKC70s "wandering" refer to front tyre only - hence the TKC80 upfront smiley.


A bend in the road is not the end of the road... unless you fail to make the turn. ~Author Unknown

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Yeah, since chatting to a fellow club member on Tuesday who was taking off their Anakee Wild's after only a few KM's and saying that they were horrible off road because of the non airing down etc i'm strongly leaning to the Karoo 3's

Either front and back or Karoo 3 back with TKC80 / Capra X front. It seems that the Karoo 3 front and back will be fine for my intended use though.

Thanks for all the feedback here.

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