Merweville and Rammelkop pass

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We are finally managing to get a weekend away soon smiley and are planning to ride up to Koedoeskloof Saturday night and then via Merwville to Sutherland over Rammelkop pass on Sunday, to come home via Ouberg Pass and Tankwa on Monday.

I seem to recall reading some issues with farm gates on the Rammelkop route. Does anyone know if this route is ok to ride?

Just a bit concerned about having to do major detours on limited tank capacity.  

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The entire road from Merweville to Sutherland is green dirt (well, was at the beginning of 2019).

Two (three?) farm gates on the plateau above Rammelkop are unlocked. No problem passing through there.

Rammelkop quite steep at one short (cemented) section, but no problem. Just be wary of loose gravel on the cement section.

Have a look at this link:

This was a day of amazing riding.

Enjoy your trip, safe riding!


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Thanks Danie!

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Karelkraals Pass running parallel with Rammelkas  between Merweville and Sutherland is locked lately. Sad, because this is a very nice ride...

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Yes, sad indeed.

The Karelskraal route is a real gem.

It was locked more than a year ago, in an effort to limit stock theft. 

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