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I'm new to the Cape and the trusty mechanic who'd been recommended to me by multiple sources (Andrew King of Kingtek) has unfortunately had to relocate to Durban!

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good mechanic in Cape Town? I need to service my Dakar (40 000km service) and while I'm more than willing to pay fair price for fair work, the R7000 that BMW quoted me is likely going to be neither of those!

Grateful for any pointers!

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I am also in shock after Andrew moved. Apparently there are a couple of good mechanics in the northern burbs. Jandre? Alf? I'm not quite sure. Other forum members will hopefully fill in the blanks. I'm at a loss in the Deep South; other than knowing that Mike Fuchs (Capri) is the suspension guru. I've foisted my bike and all its issues onto the dealership until further notice.

In the case of the Dakar/F650GS, they stupidly combined the fuel pressure regulator and fuel filter into one unit. The pressure regulator basically never needs replacing, but the fuel filter does need replacing...every 40,000 km. This unit will set you back roughly R2000 (probably worse now with the Rand being what it is). Most likely the dealership included this in your quote. The last time I replaced mine, I bit the bullet and installed an extra in-line fuel filter, so that I just need to replace that next time and not the whole unit.

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There are two guys i know of:


Jandre in Parow    0761138911


Alf in Kraaifontein  0762825748



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I have used Jandre in the best and was very satisfied.



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Jandre is you rman. Great service and he knows what he is doing.

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Thanks everyone, I'll give them both a call and see availability etc. I'm sure this link will be useful to a number of other people too!
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I've also had good service from the workshop at Cape Bike Travel in the CBD.

Dirt road, clear mind

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Whilst on this topic of good service. I just had my 1200 GSA serviced with Jandre in Bellville. (JK WORKS. He is advertising on this Forum) Luckily I booked the service a month in advance and gave Jandre the option to take his time as I did not need the bike urgently.

Well, needles to say, he phoned me two days later that it was ready for collection with everything done that was needed to be done. He had the battery tested, starter greased and serviced  and all the rest that is normally not really done but charged for.

I have always had best service with Jandre but cannot comment on any other good servicemen as I do not have any experiences with them. So all of them who are normally praised on this forum must equally be good. 

Tanks again Jandre for your excellent service to me.

Jacques BOTHA

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