Me, Blesbokkie and other animals: The Rooiberg Trip

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Me, Blesbokkie and other animals:  The Rooiberg Trip



I should have known that naming my bike after this unassuming buck would just attract animals.  It is just one of the herd.  On my first trip to Darling, horses galloped in front of me and over my path, at the trip I had to Oasis, I landed (facing backward after reigning my Blesbokkie in too hard) in the middle of a herd of boerbokke.  And guess what folks?  Rooiberg – on the trip there I was the shepherd of a lot of sheep running at a brisk pace for about 20 meters in front of me; a little tortoise braving the road across – luckily Blesbokkie knows how to behave when being reigned in with the back brake; and coming back – true story – a little heard of brown Jersey calves running with Blesbokkie for about 10 meters. 



But enough about the four legged wild life. 

The two legged ones are much more interesting.

 At Rooiberg, and for you that haven’t been there, make a plan, it is beautiful.  The backpacker accommodation is perfect, the showers clean and hot, and the food fantastic.  We were spoiled with a Kudu pate and other delicacies.

The girls were just the queens of the jungle, they braaied like pro’s and I dare the men to try and out do them.  (I wonder if they could?) Well done, Magda and Marinda.


Of course the “kuier” was fantastic.  I couldn't name one person that I did not like and were not super friendly and did not try to get me to know more about the mechanical side of my bike (thank you for trying Ed, I know it will help in the future; and Frikkie for actually repairing on the spot – folks, a must have friend, if I can recommend).


Thanks Organizers, my name is definitely on the list for next time.


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Welldone Linda! 

Beslis n naweek vir die boeke

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Joined: 2008/03/17

Thanks Linda , I enjoyed reading about your animal escapades. It was good to meet and kuier at Rooiberg Lodge. Thanks for sharing :) 

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Joined: 2017/06/27

Well done Linda. Great report

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Joined: 2007/09/25

Thanks Linda.


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