Margate Bike Fest 2018

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Five of the club members decided to attend the Margate Bike Fest this year.

This is not a traditional report of where we went and what we saw but much more about the human camaraderie between the riders on the journey.

Enough said, just watch the video that Henri Basson kindly prepared on returning to find out more.

The route we took is certainly worth the ride offering great views on routes that are not often traveled.


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Joined: 2012/04/11

Thank you Charles for sorting the embedded video connection out so that people can now watch the video.

You are a Star. 


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Joined: 2015/02/19

I really enjoyed that. Thank you Eric and Charles.

David ffoulkes

Committee: Treasurer / Clubs Africa / Ride Captain

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Joined: 2012/02/26

Well done guys -memories are made of this!!!

Life is a journey keep on enjoying the ride....


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Joined: 2012/04/11

Was a great experience I'm pleased that you enjoyed the video.


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Joined: 2012/04/11

Well put Jackie, this is why we ride.


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Joined: 2008/06/28

OHH this is the first time I've watched my video online. Thanks to all who made this possible. As Eric rightly said, a ride is just not about the scenery and the ride itself, but also about new roads and shared experiences with friends, which I tried to illustrate with this video. A great time was had by all and I hope this comes through in the video.

Oh, reason not the need, just ride! (Apologies to Shakespeare)

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