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03/03/2018 – Looking for gravel


Seeing that we are planning a Lesotho trip in April the need to “get the Gravel legs out” had me looking at some local gravel routes on Saturday morning. As this was a very spur of the moment ride I was going to go solo.


I threw the Dustriders hoist on the back – just 4 in case!  Fortunately not needed on the day. Some ice-cold water in the top box and a energy bar if I needed that and the preparation was complete.


I started the steed at just after 9 and the route was roughly Zone 7 – Kalbaskraal - Malmesbury – Riebeeck- Hermon – Durbanville – home.


I cruised at a moderate pace to Zone 7 giving the demons time to discuss all that would happen – which fortunately for my they were all wrong! Not to say that there were no wobbles on the way but no mishaps.

At Zone 7 there were a lot of stuff going on – later saw there were some competition on. However, the beautiful tree lane was just what I needed to calm down and start enjoying the experience.


Must say my maps are maybe a bit outdated as Kalbaskraal – Malmesbury was indicated as Gravel but was nice tar, the road to Kalbaskraal was actually close for traffic at the crossing with Philadelphia road but the gap was wide enough for the GSA to squeeze through and so I continued on my merry way.

The morning stayed very nice for riding as it was hovering around the 28 degrees – it did get a bit hotter later but not uncomfortably so. I did enjoy the time on this road as there were traffic and you could really ride at whatever speed you fancied – this means slow for me as I tried to see all that was available.


Malmesbury came and went and the traffic was something of the past! I nearly missed the turn off for Riebeeck Rivier – this was the first of the gravel road and my o my what a nice road to start with – really let you build the confidence on the gravel.




Next stop was the Hermon Bridge – And Horror above horror – look at my lovely Berg rivier! – I only have memories of a strongly flowing river here due to the Berg marathon that I have completed in years gone by – now only a few pools left!


Next I took the Porseleinberg road and really enjoyed the route next to the Berg river until I came to Skooljie – my heart leapt into my throat when I saw the non-existent water. This is really the pits! We sometimes rowed across the bridge but mostly had to duck to get underneath this low water bridge

From here onward I forgot about my camera and just enjoyed what the road had to offer including some heart thumping moments!

I linked up with the Klipvlei road and that took me to Windmeul were I took Vryguns road and then onto Slent road – again these road really let you enjoy yourself and the surrounding area – beautiful is not good enough to describe.

I then turned onto an old acquaintance and immediately nearly lost it in a tricky patch of sand which due to the sun  angle I did not really anticipate as being that thick with a mild tank slap start and a big clamp of the pincher muscle I got through that one and after a few deep breaths was enjoying again.

The next gravel road was Spes Bona with no real demons hiding anywhere, which spat me out on Klipheuwel where I climbed onto Boy Briers Dr BIG name for a gravel road that runs next to the train track  - mostly until you hit Joostenberg vlakte – on this road again I had a patch of sand that wanted to gently remind me Sand is not gravel and the bike did a little dance beneath me  - luckily for some reason I was Meerkatting and could save the day by looking up and opening up – the bike straightened beautifully and acted as if I was ridiculous to even think that that was a close call!!


Then we hit the (boring) tar and raced home to some cold drinks!

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I think the best person to ask is the PROFESSOR on this Route. Geoff RUSSEL.

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Then we hit the (boring) tar.


Please keep your unwanted comment about tar riding to yourself. There are many riders who love tar riding. Us tar riders never criticize your love for doing offroad riding.

Show some respect!!!!

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Good to hear from you John.

Let's ride!

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I think us roadies sometimes enjoy more of the scenery whilst riding and can spend more time looking around yourselves in stead of looking on the road affront of you. Only when you stop, you realize what you have missed. " sometimes I think that I have seen so much more than some other people like, "Have you seen the flock of Blue Cranes right next to the road"

However, enjoy your ride as you wish within your limits to be able to tell a fantastic story.

Just keep the tyres on the road and come home safe.

Always enjoy the journey.



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Morning John, Glad to see you back on the forum in your normal cheerful self.wink

Think before you ink.

Trust is the most valuable asset.

I have the rest of my life to get old.

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