Look What You’re Missing, TV Series, starts this coming weekend.

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If you’ve ever wondered what became of our ex-chairman after he placed himself in voluntary “exile”, allow me to fill you in. He and a couple of other long time members, including myself, have been busy little bees actually.


After we managed to get the 2013 BMW Bikefest aired on National TV as a documentary, we were sat at some remote campsite, fire slowly burning down, gazing off into the starlight sky, after an awesome day spent riding, exploring and meeting people, and someone said “You cannot explain all this to someone, you have to show them”, and so the idea for “Look What You’re Missing” was born.


And now finally, all the hard work has finally come to fruition and the TV series “Look What You’re Missing” is due to be aired from around October on Channel 189 on DSTV. Although there are 13 episodes planned, probably only 7 will make it to air this year, the rest early in 2016. We are currently finishing off filming on episode 4 already.


The programs feature the adventures of a group of bikers who explore the ‘roads less travelled’ throughout Southern Africa, on-road and off-road. The series will also introduce the viewer to the fantastic world of adventure biking or duel sporting through the passion and experience of the presenters themselves and includes many tips and hordes of useful information in each episode.


Those who aren’t bikers or adventurers will be enthralled by the sheer pace and ‘watch ability’ of each program. Because the ‘Look What You’re Missing’ story is told by people who are passionate about it, who live it and believe in it. They are not slick and professional actors or presenters, they are real people who have an intimate rapport with the group of riders; they are part of them.


We have a Facebook page as follows; so give us a “like” and you can follow the goings on. There you will find various bits of information, video clips and updates on the progress of the filming.




As a teaser, you will also find the first segment of the first ever episode of LWYM.


Our webpage will go live closer to broadcast date as well.




We hope you enjoy it.


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I have been following this for a few years now and  its great.

You gouys have done a great job.

i love thesingature tune and song.


I hope they flite it on a more 'watched channel'.

Ity deserves a bigger audience.

I use the teaser to show people why i love what I love about motorcycling.

It never fails to tickle 

And it sound great played full blast.

Well done for persevering.


Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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Wow, amazing ... Good job, Trevor and company ... very impressed ... makes me wanna take a month's leave on my bike :-D

Joined: 2008/01/28

Hi Trevor,

Well done to all concerned. I have been watching your teasers on Youtube and can't wait for the whole thing.

You are right about the passion and enthusiasm - it comes through in clips I have seen.

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Fantastic Trevor, you may recall we discussed this on the Postmans Route ride in 2014; so I'm really impressed with what you guys have done so far! I have a few more ideas for the episodes that I will be happy to share with you sometime.

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A few updates on our little project.

So firstly, we lost one of our bigger potential backers due to the effects of the economy at present. When I say backers, I really mean advertisers. The idea has always been to sell the airtime around the program to raise funds but times are very tough out there at the moment and people are turning over every penny twice, so our idea, is not working like we thought it would, even though the deals on offer are really amazing.

But at the same time we are very proud to announce that BMW Motorrad has agreed to help us with the broadcast costs of the series. The “deal” for lack of a better word actually comes from BMW Head Office in Munich, but we have had a lot of support from Motorrad SA as well during the whole process of dotting the i’s crossing the t’s. We are extremely grateful for this assistance.

We also have our airtime dates for the first 6 episodes in black and white finally. A little earlier than planned but as we have 4 episodes finished, and some of 5 and 6, we are good for time for 2015. In fact we hope to be well into filming 7 and 8 and even 9 by the time it is aired.

Episode 1, Channel 189 Ignition.

Sat 26th September 4am, Sun 27th 9pm, Mon 28th 5am & 4pm, Wed 30th 12pm, Thur 1st 10am, Frid 2nd 2am & 10pm.

The scheduled times stay the same for the next 5 weeks after this with a new episode being aired every week.

This journey has so far been much tougher than we had ever imagined and at times we have felt like boxers, and bad ones at that. It has seemed like every time we get up, we get punched, every time we get punched, we find another reason to get up. But every day we take another small step closer to the dream of bringing this series to air.


We have uploaded quite a few small video clips, notes and news etc. lately. Please go have a look and please go like the page.

Thank you.



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Teevor and team, I'm really glad and proud of you all.

Well done.

Pity it is on such an obscure channel.

This really deserves a better channel.

I think all of ignitions 1000 viewers will really appreiciate this and I hope it gets aired on a channel with more viewers.

With #4 in the can I am looking forward to wathcing them.

Thanks for the channel number, I would not have found it otherwise.

I think we should do a "By public demand" campaign to DSTV to air it on a channel people know about.



Keep the cameras rolling.....





Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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Look What You’re Missing TV series coming soon

New travel TV series coming soon to SA – with a difference. A program about South Africa, made by South Africans.

Remember the first day of the school holidays, remember how you felt, how unashamedly happy you were? 

Well, we feel like that every time we climb onto our motorcycles, leave the city and the tar behind, and head off to explore the more remote parts of our beautiful country. And we get to feel like that just about as often as we like.... deal


/\/¯¯¯¯¯\/\ R1200GS-WP

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So, it finally starts this coming weekend, and how excited are we.

We set out to, and have hopefully been successful, in creating a travel program with dual sport motorcycles as the chosen mode of transport, that will appeal to everyone, not just bikers. In fact the idea probably started in some way when we found ourselves battling to explain just how awesome the past biking weekend was to some of our friends who did not ride way back then. 

And also, when we say bikers, we mean everyone from the guy or girl (very important) thinking about buying a bike, to the guy or girl that bought his bike yesterday, right through to the most traveled and experienced of you.

The first two episodes actually feature a fairly short ride but they do include the Old Post Route and from episode three the trips get a fair bit longer. 

Many of you will possibly have been to some, most or even all the destinations featured, but hopefully you will still enjoy the programs as we have made a point of trying to make them fast paced or watchable and engaging.

We also wanted to show people that exploring by motorcycle is not the most dangerous thing you can do in the world, that it is actually possible for it to be fairly safe, and that there simply is no better way to see your country, or any country for that matter.

In the first 12 episodes we also wanted to try and cover the A to Z of dual sporting, and do it in such a way that a person who has never ridden before might suddenly find himself standing in a motorcycle dealer, wondering how he got there. We hope that we can inspire people to try this thing we love called adventure biking, or even just motorcycling out, because we know they are just going to love it as well.

We will appreciate your feedback, good and bad. It is our first attempt at something like this and so every single moment was and will continue to be a learning curve.

The broadcast dates again.

Episode 1, Channel 189 Ignition.

Sat 26th September 4am, Sun 27th 9pm, Mon 28th 5am & 4pm, Wed 30th 12pm, Thur 1st 10am, Frid 2nd 2am & 10pm.

The scheduled times stay the same for the next 5 weeks after this with a new episode being aired every week. After each episode has been aired, it will be uploaded and the link provided.

We hope that you will enjoy the first 6 programs. We hope to have the next 6 ready during the first quarter of 2016.


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I cannot wait.  Thanks for doing this Warren and Trevor.

Some feedback (I have corrected it in your post):

  • We ride dual sport bikes (as in "two" or "double"), probably shortened from "dual purpose".
  • Anybody who disagrees with me, can meet me at dawn for a duel - you may choose your weapon.

Committee: Webmaster / Ride Captain

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Congratulations to Trevor, Warren & the entire LWYM crew, especially the long-suffering ladies! 

Your passion & perseverance are truly inspiring!yes

The only problem with hindsight, is you don't see it coming!

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Joined: 2012/01/11

An absolute labour of love - to bring this thing we love called "adventure motorcycling" to those who have not yet experienced how much joy there is to be found in the journey.....

Congratulations Trevor, Warren and all the unsung heroes in the LWYM crew. You guys are doing something really special. 

Craig C

Joined: 2008/01/28

I think that this is an absolutely fantastic effort.

I have enjoyed all the teasers and previews and can't wait to watch the episodes.

What I like best is that professional actors were not used which makes the series more authentic.

Well done Guys and Gals.

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For those who are looking in the program schedules and cannot find it, it will be there. An email in explanation.


I spoke to Linda who is involved in the scheduling of the programs.

Their schedules are sent to DSTV 3 months in advance and there after they receive weekly updates on any changes to the schedule (but only in the week prior to the change).

So........... Updates are sent today to DSTV and so that they can change their schedules which will probably only reflect on Friday.

Ignition TV schedules are changed on a Wednesday for the new programs which start on a Saturday.

We were not within the parameters of the 3month process... therefore we are a CHANGE

Hope this explains the scheduling clearly J




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From: Linda N. Dlamini [mailto:Linda@ignitiontv.co.za]
Sent: 22 September 2015 10:09 AM
To: production@libravision.co.za
Subject: RE: Look What You're Missing



Look What You're Missing



Look What You're Missing



Look What You're Missing



Look What You're Missing



Look What You're Missing



Look What You're Missing



Look What You're Missing



Look What You're Missing

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We love you all. Thanx. How can i forward it to my son in Taiwan please.

Joined: 2010/06/21

Fantastic. Am so excited and pleased for you and at least i too will now get to see some of the places you guys and gals so bravely have been. Much to my envy. Well done I certainly will set dstv to record all episodes.


Joined: 2013/11/07

I would also like to see it but the DSTV we subscribe to here is not broadcasting it. Maybe a DVD series will be for sale in the near future?

Danie..... The standard you accept is the best you'll ever get....

Joined: 2012/01/13

I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode and can't wait for the next installment.  I also couldn't help feeling a sense of pride knowing the creators were part of this club!

fantastic inspiring show

Joined: 2010/06/21


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Joined: 2012/10/02

They are still club members as far as I know.  Thanks guys. A job well done.


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Well done! I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode. Little enough of adventure bikes to keep it interesting for non-riding viewers, more than enough of adventure bikes and the experience that it brings so that the rest of us can look forward to the next episode! Balanced content and well-paced.
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Congrats you guys! Very proud of you!

Jinx Louw

I don't suffer from insanity, I love every minute of it!

Joined: 2007/06/25

What else can one say other than brilliantsmiley

Think before you ink.

Trust is the most valuable asset.

I have the rest of my life to get old.

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Danie van Vuuren wrote:

I would also like to see it but the DSTV we subscribe to here is not broadcasting it. Maybe a DVD series will be for sale in the near future?

Trevor will be making the episodes available online to download, keep an eye on www.lookwhatyouremissing.co.za



/\/¯¯¯¯¯\/\ R1200GS-WP

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Mr Webmaster, can we possibly vote UP more than once?!

I voted UP when this thread started. 

Now, having seen the first episode on TV, I would like to vote UP once more,smiley but cannot sad since I have already used my (single) vote.

Thanks and congratulations to Warren, Henk and Trevor & Team! I really enjoyed the first episode. Well presented and well balanced between scenes of bike riding, interesting information and pleasant continuity.

And, (very important for me) those very short bits of video is long enough to see & comprehend what is shown to the viewer. I am very happy that you guys did not do the flash-a-scene-and-immediately-replace-by-another-scene technique as used by most of the editors of current American / DSTV programs of general interest. Terribly frustrating to watch . . . the moment you want to look at some detail, the view is (was) replaced. 

Ek sien baie uit na die volgende episodes!




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I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode!!!!!

Looking forward to the rest of the series. 

Donford Motorrad Cape Town

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Thanks so much for the kind comments guys. We appreciate you even taking the trouble to watch it.

And please bear with us, we ourselves do believe the episodes only get better. That was our eventually much changed pilot episode and I am quite relieved its now past. We learnt many lessons during the filming on this first episode and even perhaps the second episode, which really start to influence everything by the third.

So please stay tuned.


"Before you speak, ask yourself, is it kind, is it necessary, is it true, and does it improve on the silence?"

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What is this "bear with us" nonsense? The first episode is amazing! It felt like I just started watching it and then it was finished. Now I have to wait a whole damn week for the next one.

As GeelKameel said: it's refreshing to watch something that doesn't assume you have a 1-second attention span.

It's also interesting for the non-bikers out there. My parents are into 4x4 trips and they really enjoyed the programme.

Joined: 2015/09/08

My wife and I are roadies with our F800ST.  But after the first episode we were discussing off road riding.  Obviously not with the bike we have. She said I can get a 1200 GS and she will get a 650GS.

By episode 3 or 4 we might have to start shopping for GS's and go for some off-road training.

Trevor, Warren & Crew.. I don't think you guys realize what impact the 1st episode has had on so many viewers.  You guys may be impacting people's outlook on life and the way to enjoy it.  You have my wife and myself thinking hard about it. smiley

Great job!! The content is very well balanced with something for everyone.

Already set the DSTV to record the series and can't wait for the next episode.

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Personally I thought it was rubbish no


I had made some very tough decisions in my life and was just getting to grips with my decision and now this has just confirmed I am a total cardboard box ! Why did I sell Pumba  ? cryingcrying


Well done guys

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