Tankwa Karoo

Tankwa Cross Country Rally on a BMW R1200GS

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I apologize in advance for any typos and language errors... this report turned out to be quite a bit longer than I had planned and I don't want to spend too much time reviewing it.


A few of my friends entered to ride in the Tankwa Cross Country Rally this year.  I do suffer from a rather serious case of FOMO when bike riding is involved… so a plan had to be made.

Blesfontein 'the wrong way round'

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2 Part video of our trip to Blesfontein near Sutherland a few weeks ago

Tankwa Teaches Humility

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Cancelled due to a lack of interest -Off-Road Weekend to Tankwa : 16-17 June 2018

2018/06/16 08:00
2018/06/17 15:00

Rescued through the kindness of strangers

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The Easter weekend seemed to materialise without much warning. On the spur of the moment, Lance and I decided to join a 2-day Moto-Adventure SA trip, led by Mouton.

Day 01: When things go right (sort of)

Route (rough)
Cape Town-Worcester-De Doorns-Touwsriver-Matjiesfontein

Route statistics
Distance: 294 km
Elapsed Time: 7:51:36 (37 km/h)
Moving time: 5:09:06 (57 km/h)

Donford Stellenbosch Fast Gravel Ride: 7 May

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2017/05/07 07:00
2017/05/07 17:17

Fast Gravel Ride for those Riders keen on a more Harder Paced ride on dirt.

Donford Stellenbosch - Ceres - R355 - Tankwa Karoo National Park - Ou Berg Pass - Middelpos - Gannaga Pass - Ceres 

***Estimated Distance 650km in one day***

All bike brands welcome.

For more details and to book, contact John Carr on 021 888 4260 or email john.carr@bmwdealer.co.za

Facing the Fear and Finding Friends

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Over the past couple of months I have been lying low; keeping mostly to tar, whilst the idea of dirt roads became a monster in my head. It has been almost a year and my foot still doesn’t feel quite right, but at least it is functional now.

Afrika Burn 2015

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So, its been a while since my last Ride Report.

Instead of writing an actual report, I'll just post a link to a short video I made instead.

Hold on to your hats....


How to not get to Loeriesfontein

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For someone who prides himself on reason, logic and intellect – I can make some dumb mistakes.  I set off for a 10 day trip to Johannesburg and back – with the first couple of days intending to be on dirt through the Karoo via Loeriesfontein and on to Augrabies. 

Traipsing around the Tankwa-Karoo

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I  just love April. Aren't all those public holidays great? The first three months of 2012 had been a bit hectic work-wise, so Gavin and I worked out a really great bribe to get my mom to come and look after the dogs for a few days while we headed out of town, looking for great coffee shops in faraway places.

We left Cape Town on Easter Monday, after our by-now-customary "start of trip" coffee at our favourite local coffee shop, Starlings. Over Bain's Kloof to Ceres; the stresses of the past three months falling away with every km on the bike.