Speedy Conzales

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Die Trip was so Vinnig, ek my woorde verloor :)  

Ek het gesweer nooit weer Jaag ek van punt A na Punt B, jy sien niks wat om jou aangaan want jy moet teveel konsentreer om in die pad tebly. Daar was nie eers tyd vir n foto nie 



Sutherland Annual Winter Ride

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Snaps from the videos I took on the back of the bike when we headed up to Sutherland on the weekend of 5-6 August. I drove with my dad (Danie Malan) lead by Geoff Russel. 

Till next year!


By: Peta Malan

Sutherland experience(d)…and life in the back-up vehicle

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First: an apology
This report won’t have too many photos. My usual videographer did this to himself:



[S] Suited up for a Star lit Sutherland*

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So it was time for the annual club winter ride to Sutherland again this past weekend. Myself and Jani rode in group3, Relalxed gravel with Neels as our ride leader.

Please find below the ride report for our trip written by Jani.
PS: If I'm not mistaken this is probably the first ride report of a ride that was lead by Neels 

[BMW Winter ride to Sutherland – 05 & 06 August 2017]

Rescued through the kindness of strangers

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The Easter weekend seemed to materialise without much warning. On the spur of the moment, Lance and I decided to join a 2-day Moto-Adventure SA trip, led by Mouton.

Day 01: When things go right (sort of)

Route (rough)
Cape Town-Worcester-De Doorns-Touwsriver-Matjiesfontein

Route statistics
Distance: 294 km
Elapsed Time: 7:51:36 (37 km/h)
Moving time: 5:09:06 (57 km/h)

Karoo Kinkels

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Soos julle reeds gelees het uit die vorige blog – Weskus Hokkie Weskus Hemel was die trippie na Die Hel reeds in wording en eintlik klaar beplan. Verblyf was effe van ‘n issue maar die stofpad gode het gekyk na ons en dinge so laat uitwerk soos ek oorspronklik wou ry.

My Epic adventure – a journey to all emotions!!! *

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My Epic adventure – a journey to all emotions!!!

Roundtrip: 16 - 18 June 2016
Home to Oasis to Middelpos and back again
943 kms!

What a roller coaster ride this turned out to be. Some parts I wish to forget, and hence the delay in speaking out about it. I just couldn't get myself to accept that the discipline I've come to love so much, and thought was all sunshine and roses, has brought me back down to earth with a serious thump!

BMW MCC Cape: Sutherland Annual Winter Ride 2015: Intermediately/ immediately dirty

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05:10 is a particularly awful time to get up. Except if you know you will be getting on a motorbike...

Everyone met at the Winelands Engen at 06:30. We were a bit late (not my fault - men can take their time as well) and nature called, which meant that I missed the round of introductions. Therefore please excuse me if I label you as "random biker on bike" in a picture. This will be an exercise in "spot yourself."

Facing the Fear and Finding Friends

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Over the past couple of months I have been lying low; keeping mostly to tar, whilst the idea of dirt roads became a monster in my head. It has been almost a year and my foot still doesn’t feel quite right, but at least it is functional now.

Sutherland - a beginner's p.o.v

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If you’ve read any of my previous trip reports you’d know that I usually pillion with my brother, Mike, but for this trip I had the privilege to ride on my own.  I never thought I would be allowed to ride my moms F650 GS on gravel so imagine my surprise when I got to go.  It was going to be with the beginners group since it would be my first time riding on gravel and also because daddy dearest was leading the group and Mike was sweeper (though that didn’t last long).


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