First ride on the Rally: going Postal (and other by-ways)*

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What do you do if you do not have the skill to follow your crazy partner on all the tracks he wants to explore? Downsize. My 17-year-old 650GS, tired of getting bits smashed off it at frequent intervals, has handed the baton on to a young upstart: a new Honda 250L Rally.

Karoo Kinkels

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Soos julle reeds gelees het uit die vorige blog – Weskus Hokkie Weskus Hemel was die trippie na Die Hel reeds in wording en eintlik klaar beplan. Verblyf was effe van ‘n issue maar die stofpad gode het gekyk na ons en dinge so laat uitwerk soos ek oorspronklik wou ry.

Facing the Fear and Finding Friends

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Over the past couple of months I have been lying low; keeping mostly to tar, whilst the idea of dirt roads became a monster in my head. It has been almost a year and my foot still doesn’t feel quite right, but at least it is functional now.

My Revival Tour for 2013

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My first trip for 2013. Apology for the link to my blog, but it is just too much time and effort to replicate and upload all the picures and video.



Boland, Klein Karoo Routes in Excellent Condition

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Relax! This is NOT a trip report, just a quick mention that the route via Ouberg Pass (Montagu), Anysberg, Rouxpos, Seweweekspoort to Oudtshoorn, followed by the Swartberg Pass to Prince Albert is in superb riding condition.


Daantjie’s Karoo overnight trip to Merweville

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Our Group: ''1 x 1200GSA'' Ben & Sandra Saaiman [ Benna] ''1 x 1200GS'' Steve Thomas [ Stevet] ''2 x 1150GSA'' Daantjie & Anel Taljaard [ Daantjie] Andy Connell [ Andyman] ''2 x 1150GS'' Charles Oertel on the Badger [ Charles] Brendan Buurman [ Brendan] ''1 x F650GS'' Anne Connell [ Annie]

To Hell and Gone

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While everyone was relaxing at Nelson's, I was one my way to Oudtshoorn - Mosselbay for the weekend, with one reason and one reason only - THE HELL. I filled up in Barrydale and thought if any GS's at Ronnies, I will stop and have a drink, but to no avail. However, just over the first hill I found a 1200GS standing next to the road with the rider. I stopped trying to find out if he is OK and started chatting. It seems he is from Belgium and is touring SA all on his own and wants to take a picture with his camera, but is trying to find help on the electronic documentation on his laptop. I tried to convince him to do "The Hell" with me but when I told him it is a gravel road he said he has done some gravel Road in Prince Alfred Hamlet area that day and does not feel up to another day on gravel so soon. Weird but nice chap.


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