Sedgefield forest explorer

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This trip is a “gates trip”, because – in essence – we were trying to answer that one burning question: “Is there really a locked gate?”

Our tracks therefore consisted of many double-backs, tortuous twists and rerouting. As the map apps like to say: Recalculating!!

And then there are the places where only a GPS can help…

ALL TAR ROADIES TRIP: 22-24/02/2013

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Hi All,

As previously said, please forgive my spelling and tenses. I grew up in the Kalahari where we started crying and went into hiding when the Engelse came to visit us. Charles, please help us Afrikaanse ouens with an English spell and grammar check on this forum. I want to run away when I must write something on the forum.

Ag wat, let me try.

We had a nice all tar trip over the past weekend. 22-24/02/2013.

BMW MCC Cape, all tar weekend away, 22 to 24 February

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2013/02/22 09:00

We are planning to take the roadies on a fantastic two night weekend getaway from 22 to 24 February.

My first Club Annual Tour - What a 5* blast!!!!!!!! (Off road)

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FRIDAY- Any excuse to force myself to take Friday off to ride with a bunch of friends old and new to SedgefieldFRIDAY- Any excuse to force myself to take Friday off to ride with a bunch of friends old and new to Sedgefield I had not ridden for four weeks and battled to settle down on the long trip traveling at the back with Niel and Andy for the slower and less experienced riders so they too could find their rythem. I think the rest had done something for Miss Layla my mistress who refused to keep her front wheel on the ground and slowly she healed me of the fast pace I live and slowly as the week end progressed I became more and more human.

Annual Club Tour

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Dear Member, The venue and dates have been confirmed for THE 2008 annual tour: 10 - 12 October 2008 at Pine Lake Marina, Sedgefield, a mere 460km from our club house. For more information please visit: '''PLEASE NOTE:''' I have been able to get accommodation for 84 pax, this meaning FIRST PAID, FIRST SERVE. Club captains have been tasked with coming up with rides which will have both the on and off-road riders enjoying the local scenery and area. The captains will organise the Rides to the venue as well as the Saturday trips. We'll stick info about these on the website as soon as it becomes available.


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