Overberg Region

Old Houwhoek Pass

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A little while back as part of a days outride Baron and I rode the old Houwhoek Pass from Botriver.

It was a first for me and a great mix of sand, stone, mud and water. Not too technical and a great pass to include into any days ride into the Overberg.




BMW MCC Cape Beginers Off Tar Ride, Western Cape Sunday 26th January

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2014/01/26 07:00

We start our legendary series of TESLAARSDAL beginners rides on Sunday 26th January.

Time : We start brieifng at 08H15. Please be early.

Lunch in Greyton.

START POINT   :  N2 ENGEN 1 STOP, EXIT 36  just before Somerset West.

Cancervive Annual Motorcycle ride : Run to Victory 14Sept2013

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A Highlight on the Cancervive calendar is their annual motorcycle ride across SA.  This year the trip sees 60 survivors, supporter, entertainers travelling a distance of about 2300 kms.  The trip aims to educate and create awareness of the "shy" cancers - breast, prostate, cervical, testical, etc. Early detection and appropriate treatment is key to survival.

Overberg 2 McGregor

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It's 6am and the alarm goes off and my mind doesn’t know what's going on, it's not a work day...WTF Mate? Then it clicks, Overberg, Motorbike, BMW, Day Ride and I'm up and getting ready with a smile on my face. Well actually, did get a cuppa coffee to really wake me up! 06:40 and I am heading towards the Engen Garage on the N2 before Somerset West, the meeting / departure point for the ride.


Overberg 2 McGregor Off-Road Day Trip

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2012/10/27 08:00

An invite to all BMW riders to come along on the 27th of October for a day ride to Mcgregor via the Overberg Region. The ride will be predominately on good gravel roads. Our departure point will be the Engen N2 towards Somerset West, please be fuel and geared by 08h05 for final brief and departure.

Overberg Day Ride - 29 July 2012

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Sunday the 29 July saw a handful of riders go out on a day ride through the Overberg region. The ride originally scheduled for the previous weekend had to moved due to bad weather and boy are we glad we waited, the weather was stunning!

The day started off a with no petrol being available at the Engen garage. With a range reading of 30km I would make it to the next garage, but cutting it fine.

Overberg Overjoy

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Hi All

If you are interested in reading a short ride report through the Overberg region on my new Heidenaus, you can check it out on my blog. Please feel free to leave comments.








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