Karoo Kinkels

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Soos julle reeds gelees het uit die vorige blog – Weskus Hokkie Weskus Hemel was die trippie na Die Hel reeds in wording en eintlik klaar beplan. Verblyf was effe van ‘n issue maar die stofpad gode het gekyk na ons en dinge so laat uitwerk soos ek oorspronklik wou ry.

Carpe Die Naweek *

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When asked "what are you doing this weekend?" the answer has to be "yes please!"

The ride was discussed at the Donford bash last Thursday, rough-hewn late that night, confirmed Friday evening and executed madly all weekend.
And what a brilliant ride it was.

Steak+Potjiekos weekend

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2013/10/04 10:00
2013/10/06 16:00

We are putting together a wonderful Club-trip to Merweville for a Potjiekoskompetiesie,Steakbraai and Dance weekend in aid of the primary school.

Depending on the requests we should leave Winelands Engen 10:00 on Fri 04Oktober.There will be a group of cars leaving Cape-town 14:00 if there are bike wanting to join them.

One Last Trip. Offroad for the kids

2012/09/21 09:00
2012/09/24 17:00


One last time. Offroad for the children.

Hamman Motorrad is planning one last weekend away off-road trip.

And for those of you who missed out on our last one, I am sure you wont make the same mistake again. Just check our trip report!


This trip will take you through the picturesc landscape of the Karoo. We will be based in the small town of Merweville for the weekend. From here we will have our daily outrides and activities.

Hamman Motorrad Meatfest trip to Merweville with Photos (It's finally done)

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Thursday: 9 August


The excitement was high and we were ready for a long weekend of Dirt roads, snow and lots of Meat.

Being woman's day we were met at Hamman Motorrad by hundreds of people participating in an annual woman’s walk.

Merweville non-club ride (Day 2)

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The evening before it was agreed by all that we would have breakfast at 7.00am and be ready to leave by 8.00am.

As I don’t sleep that well when away from home I omitted to set my alarm as I usually wake up to the rising sun and the stroll around till breakfast.

Well yes you guessed it, opening the curtain to let the morning sun in would have helped and I only woke up to the rest of the guys walking past my room to breakfast.

Merweville non-club ride (Day 1)

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Merweville had become a point of discussion between Wayne and myself for quite some time now and when a last min opportunity arose for Wayne to join a club ride to there, he jumped at it.

 Ever since his return from this ride he just wouldn’t stop about how great the ride was and we should go there soon.

 Since it doesn’t take much to convince me to explore new places I agreed at the first chance I could. We agreed that Wayne would put the ride together this time.

Well, let me take this early opportunity to that Wayne and I differ greatly in this area.

'Merweville Magic' Off-tar Club ride (Oct 2010)

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Andy's "trip teaser" on the forum was very tempting: 

'A Must-Do trip on your calendar," he said. "OFF ROAD. You can dream you went on it, wish you were on it or you can book and get onto the trip."

True to form, the trip filled up very quickly.

As always, Andy delivered on the promise: We had it all - sun, wind, rain, thunder and lightning, hail (yep, the hard white stuff), slippery mud, sand, rocky ascents, smooth gravel, loose gravel and more.

Daantjie’s Karoo overnight trip to Merweville

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Our Group: ''1 x 1200GSA'' Ben & Sandra Saaiman [ Benna] ''1 x 1200GS'' Steve Thomas [ Stevet] ''2 x 1150GSA'' Daantjie & Anel Taljaard [ Daantjie] Andy Connell [ Andyman] ''2 x 1150GS'' Charles Oertel on the Badger [ Charles] Brendan Buurman [ Brendan] ''1 x F650GS'' Anne Connell [ Annie]


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