2019 Annual Winter ride to Sutherland

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2019 Annual BMW Club weekend run to Sutherland

A special thanks and recognition to all the what’s app contributors whose photos I have used.

Group 4 Off road Intermediate on the way out and Group 3 on the return home.

It was that time of the year for the annual winter run to Sutherland and after having done it for the first time in 2018, it was a run I was not going to miss.

BMW MCC Cape : Sutherland Annual Winter Ride 2015 TAR ROADIES *

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The club ride to Sutherland will be remembered for its lack of cold,

for its early night bedtime,

and for the lack of incidences.



I had the privilege of leading the tar ride group.

I was mounted on my old friend - the R 1200 RT LC.

My first real test drive of the LC.

It is simply an awesome machine and a wonderful tourer.

I have owned all the previous generations of RT and they keep getting better and better!


BMW MCC Cape : Sutherland Annual Winter Ride : Weekend 28th - 29th July : 3 groups

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Yeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaa Sutherland here we come for the Annual BMW MCC Cape Winter Ride.

This ride held every year in Winter has always been one of the highlights of the Club ride calendar and this year is sure to be no different.

As usual we will have 3 groups going on this very popular weekend.

Sutherland trip – the lay back way part 2

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The following day there was some excitement at the hotel as some bikes decided not to start. Never panic when you have Andy and Geoff around. Warren and Mark had their fingers in there too so one day they will become our Geoff and Andy. After a very nice breakfast we said our goodbyes and followed Bruno up to the SALT observatory. Hey all I can say it is a very fresh place to work at. Temperature was about 5 degrees with a slight 10 knot wind going through anything in its path including any thermal clothing you had on.

Sutherland trip – the lay back way part 1

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As per request from Geoff I packed the bike as light as possible and without the panniers. This is to prepare for the Transkei trip. I woke up at 5am on Saturday morning due to the normal excitement of going on a trip again. I was clever enough to pack all my clothing and morning breakfast out the night before so that the family can sleep a bit late.

Now to sit in your own lounge in complete darkness and feeling your way through your clothing is an experience on its own never mind fitting it in that same darkness.

Sutherland 2010

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No thank you! That’s was the reply I got from my wife when I first posed the question of joining the BMW club on their annual trip to Sutherland. “We’ve done that, three times, one of them recently.”

So, no go I thought, but then Gifberg happened and I think it changed things.

Sutherland Winter Tour (offroad beginners)

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The week before the Sutherland trip, I virtually did not sleep. First from excitement & anticipation, and then, as the weekend drew closer, nerves took over. But eventually the Big Day arrived and we left home in the dark (one of many firsts for the weekend) to meet up with the rest of Andy & Annie's group at the Engen Winelands. Andy's first briefing of the day: (Check the clean bikes and kit!)Andy's first briefing of the day: (Check the clean bikes and kit!) Andy spoke the necessary words and off we went on the R44 past Wellington & Hermon. We refuelled as is the norm in Ceres where Andy had the opportunity to play with Noelene’s bike, and shortly after Gydo Pass Andy turned off the tar and we stopped to let down tyres (and so that Andy could kneel in front of Noelene’s bike again).


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