First ride on the Rally: going Postal (and other by-ways)*

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What do you do if you do not have the skill to follow your crazy partner on all the tracks he wants to explore? Downsize. My 17-year-old 650GS, tired of getting bits smashed off it at frequent intervals, has handed the baton on to a young upstart: a new Honda 250L Rally.

Sederberg en 13 passe --- 'n Dagtrip

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Op 30 Oktober het Geoff Russell 'n dagtrippie gereel na Oasis en terug. 
Ek het gedink dis 'n goeie geleentheid om verder te ry om ook 'n paar ander passe te sien, spesifiek die Uitkykpas.



Vroegoggend het ons by Wynland N1 bymekaargekom. Daar was agt motorfietse en een passasier.

That old postal route

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Saturday morning we gathered outside Goodwood firestation at 9AM and headed through Bainskloof straight for the Cederberg

Lunch stop at Oasis, the usual toasted cheese and ham.

BMW MCC GS Overnight Ride on The Old Post Route and Surrounds

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2014/03/21 08:00
2014/03/23 16:00

The Old Postal Route runs between the Biedouw Valley and Elandsvlei near the R355 and is siad to follow the footpath of a young female postal worker who once walked this old route between Wuppertal and Elandsvlei to deliver the post. Come rain or shine, she would walk for two days from Elandsvlei to deliver the mail to the isolated mission station before walking all the way back.

We will go to deliver the post on motorcycles, and we have arranged some other stunning riding.


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Is there place for one more…

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Roy had taken the plunge and upgraded his African Twin to a BMW1200GS.

Off the Beaten Track - Baptism by Fire

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First Day

The day to test my new skills learned from the Beginners & Intermediate Off-road courses and endless hours of cones practice arrived. Robin, my son, was not keen on the idea of riding his Honda XR600 for 3 hours on tar and had borrowed a trailer to get our bikes up to Clanwilliam. I must admit that reclining in the car passenger seat watching the sunrise as we drove out of Cape Town was rather comfortable. A steaming coffee and full-on breakfast at the Desert Rose farm stall a little later helped the morning along just nicely thank you.

The club goes to play in the Biedouw Valley

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Some people say that motorbike riding is not an aerobic activity. I beg to differ. There were times during the club outing to the Biedouw Valley in the Cederberg when my heart was doing push-ups, pull-ups and all kinds of supercharged activities - but more about that later.

We met early on Saturday 12 March 2011 at the Engen near the Philadelphia turn-off on the N7. Those of you who know that my husband very, very seldom sees an African dawn, would know what a challenge it was for us to be there on time.

My 2010 December Holiday trip

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Got capital approval from the higher headquarters in my household for a trip.  It was raining on our farm in the Karoo and it became another excuse for a good trip.

Cederberg Trip Report

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Trip Report – Cederberg

This past weekend (10-12/12/2010) a friend of mine, Jan, on an 800GS, his wife, Annemie, in the backup Toyota Hilux and myself on my Dakar took to the Cederberg mountains for a little weekend getaway. Unfortunately my wife could not make it due to work requirements.


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