Anysberg Reserve

Cape to Katse

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So,.... I've missed the club tour to Lesotho in 2015, which was very disappointing. Read all the FB updates as the guys enjoyed themselves "over there" while I was sitting at home. So Heidi & I decided to take some time off and do our own Sani pass tour.

Knysna Trip 1-3 May

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Thursday 1 May Discussions the previous evening when luggage was dropped off, already earmarked fellow riders and labeled some as the “slow” group and others as the “fast” group. Bright and early we set off to the Winelands Engen 1 Stop. The “slow” group would hit the road 30 minutes earlier than the “faster” 1150 group consisting of Ian Steyn 1150 GSA, Johan Burger 1150 GS, Arra van Zyl 1150 GS and HD 1200 GS. Ralph Teulings R80 GS (Mildred), Charles Melck on a Trans Alp and Brendan on a 1150 GS decided to meet the group in Touwsriver.TouwsriverTouwsriver The “slow” group departed at 07h00 at a steady 120km/h. We were faced with very cold conditions at Over Hex with the temperature not climbing above 8.5 degrees. Departing times worked out well as both groups met up in Touwsriver at the same time. After completing disclaimer forms and a short rider/pillion briefing by JR, Johan Mocke was asked to do a prayer for the safety of the group. Excitement and nervousness was evident as the guys deflated their tyres, ready to start the Knysna trip.Entrance to Anysberg Nature ReserveEntrance to Anysberg Nature ReserveAnysberg coffee stopAnysberg coffee stop

Anysberg Offroad Ride

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2008/04/26 07:00
2008/04/28 17:00
Come and Join the BMW MCC on this 3 day GS outing to the beautiful Anysberg Reserve in the Karoo over the long weekend 26th to 28th April. In the past this ride has always been a 2 day ride however this one will be a 3 day outing, giving you and your pillions the option to relax on the Sunday while I take the brave at heart for some, shall we say slightly "technical" stuff!! Those that stay behind can chill next to the "pool", go for horse rides or if feeling energetic go on a hike. This trip is a must for your wives/husbands/partners. No additional vehicles will be allowed. The accommodation available is as follows;

BMW Motor Cycle Club – Anysberg Nature Reserve GS Weekend

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Over this weekend the BMW MCC will be visiting the lovely Anysberg Nature Reserve in the Karoo. This will be our 3rd visit to the Reserve and this time we will again be spoilt and stay in the recently upgraded accommodation. All rooms now include bedding and all we need to take along are our towels. There will however also be “camping” available for those that wish to do so. The ride to Anysberg will be an assortment of tar and dirt with the dirt sections being manageable by all riders (a bit of experience will be an advantage). Riders will however need to be on their toes as there is the odd short patch of loose sand that we need to cross. Pillions are encouraged to join their partners on this very special outing. Please call me if you need to discuss the terrain that we will be riding. (0828078130)

Mystery Tour - Anysberg Nov 2006

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Charles is still too tired to pay any attention to me so I snuck in and took over his session on this forum. Hmm, judging by all the coffee cups around his desk it looks like this PC is his other mistress - just you wait until we face another sand patch :( The mystery tour certainly had me fooled - we started off on the N7 and I thought we would be going up the West Coast. Meeting at the Swartland Engen 1-Stop: Hmm, I wonder if there is enough time to go to the loo before Geoff kits up?Meeting at the Swartland Engen 1-Stop: Hmm, I wonder if there is enough time to go to the loo before Geoff kits up? Brenda sucks up to Geoff's AdventureBrenda sucks up to Geoff's Adventure


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