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Query - Derek R. Keeling


I am interested in doing local day tar bike tours in Cape Town and Surrounds.

  • The tours will be tar related and easy going to visit sites of Scenic Value and Cultural Significance.
  •  The plan is to have scheduled tours with specified pre-determined routes that have proven popular since I started with my tours to International guests in 2015.
  • As I am part of BMW Motorrad club Cape, South Africa, and have enjoyed the benefits of the club;
  • However, I would like to find out what the implications are and how      I can go about conducting local tours utilizing the experience that I      have?
  • Who can I speak to in order to initiate and get this running on a regular basis?

I look forward to being able to speak to relevant BMW Personal regards any supplementary requirements that may be needed to authenticate moving forward with this initiative. 

Thank you very much

Derek R Keeling

082 561 8357


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Hi Derek

Speak to Geoff Russell for advice about this.  You are welcome to advertise your tours on the BMW  Motorrad Club forum, provided you become a paid-up advertiser on the site (R2400 ex VAT pa) - contact me about this.  I would suggest you also contact Wild Dogs for advertising.

If you approach the chairman of the club, you could also run official club tours as a club ride leader.  I am sure the provisos would be that your tours meet our club safety standards, and that payments run through the club bank account.  This will not prevent you from making a profit to compensate for your time and effort - but the numbers in your tours will obviously depend on your pricing.

Committee: Webmaster / Ride Captain

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Thank you very much Charles,

Still in the ABC stage and investigating the options. 

I look forward to speak to Geoff in Due Course. 

And might look at advertising on the site in the future, 

At this stage I am looking at the legalities, doing it right and not wanting to step on anyone's toes 

Will be looking at local tar tours eg. 

Peninsuala, Cape Town n Surrounds




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hi Derek.

Check my post for an upcomming Fossil Ride above. yuo are welcome to join.

Jacques BOTHA

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