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Kingtek has closed and Andrew King has relocated to Durban.  However, all his BMW servicing equipment and diagnostic tools has been sold to Marco Colaianni of Bike Mania, and Innocent is now working there as the mechanic.  Innocent was trained in servicing BMW bikes by Andrew King.

Bike Mania is in the Kirstenhof Shopping Centre - over Main Rd from the Spotty Dog (

Kirstenhof Shopping Centre
​288 MainRoad cnr Polsmoor Road
Tokai 7945
Cape Town

TEL: 021 701 0175 / 021 701 1174

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Where'd you hear this?

I know Andrew moved to Durban, but from my last conversation with him and Innocent on the day they closed (22 Dec), Andrew indicated that he was opening a workshop in Durban (he showed me pictures of the new venue). Innocent said he was going with Andrew to Durban. Andrew was taking all his equipment with him. He told me that was why he was renting out the old place until the end of Jan, in order to give more time to move all his stuff. Gift (his other staff member) was going to work in the same complex, but next door (not as a mechanic).

Unless something went very wrong with his plans and everything has changed in the 2 weeks since? That would be terrible. I really hope this is not the case.

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Hi Zanie

Innocent phoned me to tell me that he is now working at Bike Mania, and Mario of Bike Mania emailed me to inform me of the new situation.  It seems Andrew changed his plans.

I'm sure Andrew is fine.  Instead of moving his equipment he has sold it, and is free to buy new equipment in Durban.  Innocent and Gift are sorted, and so are we because there is BMW servicing capability in our neighbourhood.

Don't panic - just ride wink

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thanks Charles, I too chatted with Andrew to see if there was any equipment he was selling, etc. (we refer quite a few out-of-warranty customers to him, as well as to Jandre Koekemoer...)

Good to know there is still a Southern Suburbs BMW servicing opportunity - thanks for updating us all!

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Just a reminder; i still have plus minus 600 different BMW bike parts (new) some rider gear and a few T shirts available.send your e mail address to and i will forward my inventory.

J P Hamman
Tel 021 9307055 or 0824485185

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