John Carr - Blast from the past

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A colleague of mine gave me an old copy of "Superfiets" magazine yesterday, dating back to July 1981.

I immediately starting browsing through this old Africana and was very surprised to look at John Carr's face as soon as I started turning the pages!

There he was trophy in hand and all. I have taken pics and pasted it on a word doc (as I cannot upload the individual JPG's). What a crazy coincidence that I was given this by chance.

We all know that John can handle a bike, but I didn't know he was racing the circuit once upon a time.

I am enjoying reading all the old stuff and looking at prices of yore. (BMW R80G/S brand new R4390. GST incl!!). And of course the bikes that I was into at that time - Honda MT50 for the princely sum of R699 surprise


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Handsome dude he was, even then.smiley

David ffoulkes

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Wow! This brings back memories, for sure!
I would be stretching it, ever so greatly, if I were to say that I vividly remember the day in question. smiley

I can, however, state in all honesty that I was a regular visitor to Killarney at the time.
Thanks for the "blast" Francois.

The only problem with hindsight, is you don't see it coming!

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Look at those Marie biscuit rear tyres and rear and front flickers. Wonder if they really used it when cornering. John, can you tell?

I had a second hand 50 Honda when I was 14 which I was only allowed to ride on private gravel road. My father bought it for R50 but after my 1st fall, he sold it for R45. Not much damage to the bike but lots of blood and scratches on me. Those days we had no helmets and I had a lekker big knob on my head. That the reason for dad selling it.


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