International Female Rider Day (IFRD) 2018 : 5/5/2018

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This is the world’s largest and only women motorcycle rider event which is also synchronized across all borders, all countries – worldwide!

Women motorcyclists are free to participate and enjoy the day in any manner they choose/prefer. It is their choice to determine how the mission of “JUST RIDE!” will be translated to their personal action of motorcycling.  This welcomes women riders at all levels of experience, of varying ages, and styles of riding to take part in the task of unifying women riders around the world – through motorcycling.

International Female Ride Day©  shines a spotlight on women motorcyclists while asking each woman rider to be a role model for motorcycling on this one global day. This is achieved by the single unified IFRD action of “JUST RIDE©”.  It’s a day for and of women motorcycle, scooter, and trike riders everywhere. A day emphasizing the many numbers of female’s who ride motorcycles; supporting their diversities, agelessness, limitless abilities and the enjoyment women embrace in the activity of motorcycling.

The complete image emphasizes the broadness of this campaign with the globe pictured in the design. Her open face helmet to make sure her face is visibly female. You’ll also notice her face is tilted up; chin high. Searching the horizon an ever open-mindedness and forward thinking – ever seeking forward.

To start this off it is important to know that the only activity imperative to being part of IFRD is to JUST RIDE. That has been the slogan, the credo which sits at the soul of IFRD, created by expert motorcyclist and woman rider advocate, Vicki Gray. It means, get out there show your beautiful self on a dirt bike, a cruiser, a sport bike, trike or scooter while riding in synchronicity with women the world over.

We include the various forms of motorcycles you’ll see included as small silhouettes within the image. This emphasizes the fact that International Female Ride Day© is an inclusive event and for all motorcycle types.  All manufacturers, all styles, all sizes and all forms are invited to join in and JUST RIDE!

In addition to joining in with women around the world, remember that it is you, the role model inspiring other women, on IFRD. You in your own unique way inspire others and set an example of the diversity, the fun, and the penchant women share through this activity – motorcycling.

Does the “International Female Ride Day” woman depicted in our logo have a name? Yes – we’ve named her after you! kiss

Celebrate the social, economic, cultural and motorsport achievements of women riders; visibility and awareness help drive positive change for women, no matter the activity.

Declare with passion how you, as an person or organization help progress motorcycling for women- because purposeful action can accelerate gender parity and alter perception; preconceived judgements or notions.


Time: 08:30

Meeting place: BMW Motorrad Donford Stellenbosch

We will depart from BMW Donford Stellenbosch at 09:30 for a fun day at a Mystery venue FULL of surprises

I just need another sip on my wine to tell u more of this venue...ok, here goes:

Travel distance: ± 100 kms direction Overberg

On arrival at the mystery destination you will need to get your eye in to meet Johnny Depp in person.  His crew will entertain us with some fun and games.  A light lunch will be served at this venue with a tranquil view of the ocean and vineyards.

Costs: R120.00 pp  (this will include a light lunch and surprises at the mystery venue).  All drinks will be for your own account.

Please invite your friend to join us...Even if she wants to join us with her vehicle (she can carry all the wines we will be buying wink )

Let's hold thumbs for good riding weather on 5 May 2018.

If you want to join on this "JUST RIDE" and meet Johnny Depp, contact me on 082 8991169 or 

Can't wait to hear from you!!




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Ry saam dankie Anna-Marie!

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Thank you to the ladies that contacted me to join to the Mystery venue for our IFRD 2018.  

The girls are taking guesses and some are close or on the spot already. Yippeeee some nice prices up for grabs.   The venue are looking forward to have us visiting and I will  finalise the figures later in the week.  The bookings will close on Thursday evening.

Costs: R120.00 pp  (this will include a light lunch and surprises at the mystery venue).  All drinks will be for your own account.

To confirm your booking, please be so kind to EFT the amount to the club bank account: 

Banking details:

First National Bank

Branch: Long Street

Branch Code: 201709 (Standard bank users must use 2zeros at the end)

A/C no: 50060098602

A/C name: BMW Motorrad Club Cape

Ref: Your name/surname & IFRD2018

Don't miss out on this fun JUST RIDE 2018 day for us girls only.

The final arrangements will meet u soon.

For any details, don't hesitate to contact me on 082 8991169.

Looking forward winkyeslaugh


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