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After a recent off-road accident a club member found to his dismay that he was not covered by his insurance for off-road use. A number of discussions ensued both privately and on social media. 

This prompted me to check my cover and to get official assurance of the way I thought I was covered, I emailed the insurance company recommended by Donford CT.

Here is the reply ...[C&P]

 Good day Mr Williams


Thank you for your query in regards to your BMW cover and the Description of Use


Your policy wording states that your bike may be used for social, domestic and pleasure use – so this being a Adventure bike you will have cover on all roads, offroad as in dirtroads and farmroads


However – your policy will not cover you when doing trails that is not done on a maintained South-African road  – so anything like bundu bashing will be excluded


I trust you find this in order and please let us know where else we can assist


Kindest regards



Sanette (6)

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Insurance cover offroad, thanks for checking this Rouen and the feedback, I was also worried about not being covered, I'm with outsurance and must say they've always been good to me, I'm covered for gravel also.  But I didn't ask about bundu bashing.. And will do so

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Thing is, the member was not off road at the time of the accident.  He was on a gravel road.  I think we do ourselves a disservice by calling it off-road when we mean off-tar or gravel road.

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100% Charles members should be aware when submitting their claim ... therefore the distinction made in the reply from the insurance company, gravel public road is just that you could be driving that road with you family car and have an accident.  

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