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International Female Ride Day© (IFRD) is a campaign for women motorcycle riders across all cultures of the sport, with the purpose of highlighting and profiling the many numbers of woman riders enjoying the activity. It is an all brands, all forms, and all styles worldwide ride. All riders are invited to take part and join in on the universal ride day action of “JUST RIDE!©


International Female Ride Day©  shines a spotlight on women motorcyclists while asking each woman rider to be a role model for motorcycling on this one global day. This is achieved by the single unified IFRD action of “JUST RIDE©“.

It’s a day for and of women motorcycle, scooter, and trike riders everywhere. A day emphasizing the many numbers of female’s who ride motorcycles; supporting their diversities, agelessness, limitless abilities and the enjoyment women embrace in the activity of motorcycling.

To start this off it is important to know that the only activity imperative to being part of IFRD is to JUST RIDE. That has been the slogan; the credo which is the base for IFRD. It means, get out there show your beautiful self on your  motorcycle  and ride in synchronicity with all women the world over.

OK, curious to what we will be doing on the day??? Here goes:

Date: 6 May 2017

Meeting time:  08:45

Meeting place: BMW Motorrad Donford, Stellenbosch

Join us for coffee, treats/spoils and lots of laughs before our departure. It will also be a perfect time to present our RITV trophy and display it in a glass showcase at the dealership that supports us ladies.  A special place for it to shine has been negotiated.  Donford Stellenbosch are proud to host our trophy.

Where will we be riding:  ALL Tar roads to Riebeek Kasteel.  Yes, if you figured it out, we will be attending The Olive Festival.  Lunch has been organised for our group at Allesverloren.  Parking reserved for our group. So, it time to have fun and "Just Ride".

Lunch: R100.00 pp (own expense) will include:

- Cold meats, breads, olives, Peppers, etc

- Pasta (main meal)

- Drinks for own account, too, not included with lunch.

Programme at Allesverloren:

Allesverloren Wine Estate

Saturday: 09h30-17h00  |  Sunday: 09h30-16h00  |  Cost: Free to Passport holders | Booking Required: No

Allesverloren Function and  Conference venue

Country Market in and around the venue with stalls selling  Allesverloren Wines and Allesverloren Muskadel Slush Puppies; Craft beers, Olive products and preserves; Eastern Cape Biltong products; Italian and other food and more!
The bands Newton and Co (full band)  and The Rivertones will be performing live.
Background music for the rest of the time.

Please indicate your attendance for this outing as figures needed to book lunch.  Payment for lunch can be done at the venue.

Contact me on 082 8991169 or annamarie@wine-ways.co.za for your booking.

Do not hesitate to invite your friend on any brand of motorcycle to join us.  You are even welcome to invite your friend/partner to join us in Riebeek Kasteel and/or follow us with their vehicle from Donford, Stellenbosch.

Welcome to visit the full programme for the Olive Festival on their facebook page.  Lots to enjoy and welcome to stay as long as you wish.

Hope to see you all and to JUST RIDE...AS WE ARE BEAUTIFUL....something turqoise, something green....and red lips cheekykisssmiley

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Thank you to the ladies that already booked. On the list.  Let's hope for pleasant weather to JUST RIDE this year.

Have a fabulous week



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Those that are still interested to join on the JUST RIDE,  IFRD 2017, pls be in contact as I need to have final figures for catering  purposes and parking reservations by Thursday morning, 4 Apr.  Please indicate if you are interested to join for lunch at Allesverloren.  

082 8991169.  thnks

Looking forward to a nice smooth ride to Riebeek Kasteel and some viby entertainment.

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Remember the colours of the day:  something turqoise, something green....and red lips cheekykisssmiley (Red lips for those that like to wear "lips")

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Ek neem deel aan die dag, 


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Sien uit daarna om al die "like-minded souls" weer Saterdag te sien. Sal "sweep" indien nodig!

Nogmaals dankie vir al die moeite Anna-Marie, waardeer dit.

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The IFRD always an event for the ladies to feel excited about as it an international event about to JUST RIDE.  The girls browse allover on facebook pages and like all the other events to take place, locally and nationally.

This year, for the 4th time in a row, BMW Donford Motorrad Stellenbosch, hosted and spoilt the ladies on the day, again. This event just grew from 2014 where it started with 4 lady riders.  Yip it was a rainy day, a Friday and we had to put in leave, still.  At that stage the IFRD was on the first Friday of May. During 2015 more ladies of the BMWMCC and some of their friends attended....a total of 15 riders. The first year it changed to the 1st Saturday of May.  Our route was direction Robertson and  we enjoyed a picnic at Viljoensdrift.  Then to try something new in 2016...ouch the wind was pumping, but the girls were very brave...18 bikes left the dealership for Bortivier, Wildekrans Winery and the wind nearly blew us off the mountain close to Helderstroom prison turn off.

To entertain and spoil the Ladies for 2017 IFRD, it was decided to co-operate it with the Riebeek Kasteel Olive festival as many have not attend this festivities. Lovely twistie tar roads to Riebeek Kasteel and hoping for good riding weather this round. laugh  It was also a good time to present the RITV 2017 trophy and to make it shine in the glass showcase at the dealership that are so loyal to our lady riders. Donford Stellenbosch took the opportunity to have it engraved for us.  Thank you Neil Berry for your initiative and generosit. When you visit the dealership, don't forget to check it out...a beautiful piece and we are very proud of this floating trophy!!

Vicki Gray inspired me a couple of years ago to start this JUST RIDE rides and to celebrate more and more lady riders all over the planet.  Vicki, the founder of IFRD in 2007, a racer...an instructor...a co-instructor for MotoGP and owner of Motoress.  

Thank you's go to the Donford Stellenbosch team that spoilt us in their unique way:  all the staff of the kitchen that prepared the refreshments, drinks and awesome coffees/cappuchinos; the admin girls who assisted with the catering this round; the mechanics always ready for a last top up/check up/tyre pressures; cleaning of helmets; John Carr that took the responsibility to co-ordinate the organising and to make us girls feel special and smiley. For sure another enjoyable, warm hospitality morning at a dealership of note...proud to be associated with the BMW brand. 

Special thanks to Marietjie Norbury for the crafts as gifts for the girls.  Also to Janet from Bike2Bike/The Pink Collection for the fragranced bath bombs.  Each piece unique and the bath balls to be used after a tough ride.  Many thanks.

On request of Jackie: the regulars with their butler

Just love this stunning jacket of SuziQ.

Some photo's were taken to have memories of the day before departure.  It was fun to show off our mean machines to the photographer that was interested in this event.  (Awaiting the final product of the photographer/jounalist) After the briefing 21 bikes left in staggered formation.  2 more GS's slotted in en-route to the Olive festival. Some friends joined with their 4-wheeled vehicles. A group of 26 girls.

What a sight to arrive at Allesverloren where parking was pre-arranged. Thank you to Don for making sure our shiny bikes in a safe area.   Lunch ala Italian style was served.  Chats to new members of the club and first time riders with the group in a casual way.  Us girls just wanna have fun...always interesting topics to chat about. Some Harley riders joined us and appreciated the relax pace of the ride.  

Interesting bikes in the group.  What a stunning ride...no ego's...so disciplined.  Thank you girls...u make it so easy for the ride leader.

Thereafter all supported the stalls and live music of the festivities.

What a great day with "like-minded souls" as Jackie always commented....For sure it was about to JUST RIDE.  

See you all in 2018.

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Once again an unforgetable riding experience along like-minded souls.  Thanks to each and everyone for making the day possible for all to enjoy - especially Donford Motorrad for hosting us again prior to the IFRD!!  Make Life a Ride - as tomorrow is not promised to us!

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