When creating content, what is a 'Story'?

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A story is just an article with a teaser. Right now the site isn't completely set up for stories, but it boils down to tagging the story as relating to certain categories, and possibly putting it in a menu. Our aim is to have stories under the 'Articles' section. The Articles page will be similar to the home page, with lists of recent content and indexes into articles about biking safety, riding techniques, the physics of motorcycling, etc. Also consider the 'Book' content type. It allows you to add pages with prev/next, and up/down links, so you can write an article with 'chapters' and 'sections' and you can move bits around as appropriate. These content types will still have the option of 'comments' so people can discuss the content, but the intention is that this is much more for reference and as a resource than a fireside chat like the forum content.