How does a ST become a GS? (and another public service contribution)

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So, swambo's 1200 GS with the diff problem is being fixed, and Andrew from Kingtek asks for the VIN no to ensure he fits the right parts. (This is not about him - that is to follow - don't worry, its a good experience this time)

So Andrew start talking about the ST's diff. I tell him no, it is a GS and sends him pictures of the VIN no and the bike.
He then goes to a lot of trouble and research and responds with evidence - also from BMW, that the VIN no belongs to a 1200ST, grey in colour and sold in SA, not a blue GS. (Thanks Andrew - you did go the extra mile!)

So I take the matter up with Marius from GS Traders where I bought the bike in February, furnishing him with the evidence. Marius also did some digging, and the inexplicable thing seems that someone along the history of the bike did a fairly good job converting the (a) ST into a GS. I don't know how, and neither does anyone else it seems. Bottom line, it is a converted/tampered bike and not what we intended buying. The bike also did not behave as well on gravel as the 1150 but I ascribed it to the Anakee 3's fitted and promised swambo that I will fit more dirt orientated tyres in due course. That may now well be why the bike does not behave as well as a GS on gravel.(?)

So Marius from GS Traders calls me yesterday and a brief exchange of concerns leads to a very friendly and amicable agreement between GS Traders and myself: a full restitution and they will return the bike to the person they bought it in from. As soon as the bike is reassembled, the returns will be arranged.

Well Done GS Traders!!!!  :thumleft:

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An unhappy story with a happy ending.

Well done to GS Traders.

Jaco and his team run a good business and this just cements what I have heard.

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