How do Trip Reports get Rewarded?

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Trip Report Rewards:

  1. Every paid up club member in good standing that submits a trip report gets a coffee mug per trip report published in recognition of his / her contribution.
  2. This will be done at every club meeting, i.e. at the end of May everyone who has submitted a report since the April meeting is recognized – everyone is a winner. A mug is given to recognise every trip report published in the month preceding the club meeting since the last club meeting.
  3. In order to receive this item, the writer has to be present at the club meeting - no show, no mug. Regular contributors and attendees will soon have a well deserved set.  
  4. This will hopefully encourage not only writing and posting of reports, but also club meeting attendance.

Winning trip reports:

  1. Quarterly a prize for the best trip report for that quarter is awarded, i.e. in June the best trip report for the period April to June will be announced
  1. The quarterly winner will receive the Ruslamere Trophy and the voucher for the A1 canvas print. In order to receive this prize, the writer has to be present at the club meeting.
  1.  A subcommittee of 3-4 will be formed to award the quarterly winning trip report
  1. This committee shall be made up of club members in good standing that are NOT regular contributors of trip reports - if regular writers adjudicate the reports it would potentially create a conflict of interest.   
  1. The following criteria is suggested, but it’s up to this subcommittee to determine, clearly communicate and consistently apply the criteria that will be used.

Required in the Trip Report:

  • The trip report must be motorcycle related
  • The trip report must be published on the BMW Motorrad Club Cape official website in the trip reports section
  • The trip report must be BMWMCCC related by a paid-up club member in good standing

Recommended aspects/criteria:

  • Spirited and enthusiastic report by the author
  • Adventures that were experienced / endured during the trip
  • Unforeseen challenges that were encountered and how they were dealt with
  • Other notable events that transpired during the trip
  • Many photographs, with annotation
  • An annotated map of the route and destination/s
  • Short video clips are optional, and is not a requirement
  • Informative – the author gives useful information about events and/or destinations encountered during the trip.
  • First-time submission of a trip report could get extra credit

The following could be used as guidelines / pointers only - not as criteria:

  • Number of views on the Forum
  • Number of replies on the Forum
  • Number of votes on the Forum


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