How do I put smileys in my posts?

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The table below shows the shortcuts (acronyms) you can use to put smileys in. Even though all you will see while you are editing is the shortcut, when it gets displayed the system will subsitute a picture.
Smiling:) :-) :smile:Smiling
Eye-wink;) ;-) :wink:Eye-wink
Sad:( :-( :sad:Sad
Laughing out loud:D :-D :lol:Laughing out loud
Evil}:) }:-) :evil:Evil
Sticking out tongue:P :-P :tongue:Sticking out tongue
Shocked:O :-O :shocked:Shocked
Puzzled:? :-? :puzzled:Puzzled
Cool8) 8-) :cool:Cool
Barf!:sick: :barf:Barf!
Cheers with a beer:beer: :)BCheers with a beer
Angry frown:cross: :angry: >:(Angry frown
Thumbs up smile:thumbsup:Thumbs up smile