How do I get the system to notify me of new content

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To receive notifications of new or updated content, you need to '''subscribe''' to various categories or types of content: In the menu bar on the right is an item called 'My Subscriptions' - that is where the 'notify me' stuff is done. (It is also in the 'My Account' section). At the top of the page are 4 tabs: # '''threads:''' lets you subscribe or unsubscribe to various forum threads... # '''categories:''' lets you subscribe to events, posts, articles or images that are categorized by location, forum section, trip type, and FAQ category. So, for example, you could subscribe to the ''offroad'' trip type, and you would be notified any time an article, trip-report or event is created or updated that is classified as ''offroad''. # '''content-type:''' lets you subscribe to updates of any given type of content. For example, you might want to know about all trip reports, or images, or events. It's your choice