How do I add pictures to my articles

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Please Note: All the images in this answer can be opened larger, in a new popup window, by clicking on them.

Inserting Images into a Post 

At the top right of the text box where you type in the article is a little image of a camera. Put your cursor in the text box where you want the image to appear (1.), then click on the icon (2.). 

Click the camera icon (top right)Click the camera icon (top right)


Click the 'Image Upload' buttonClick the 'Image Upload' button


You need to click the '''upload''' button to get to the image upload screen. Now you will get a pop-up window that allows you to enter a title for the image and choose a file off your PC hard drive.

Enter a title for the picture and click the Browse buttonEnter a title for the picture and click the Browse button



The image must be on your PC so that you can find it here and upload it to the website. Also make sure it has a filesize of less than 800kB. Click 'Browse' to go and find the image.

Find the file and click saveFind the file and click save


Then click OK or 'Open' on the 'find file' window, so that it closes and the name of your image file is left in the text field next to the 'Browse...' button.  You should end up with a screen that looks like this: 

Confirm you have the right file and click saveConfirm you have the right file and click save

Confirm you have the right file (8.), and click save (9.).

You will get to the last screen where you can adjust the image title and description, and adjust the advanced display properties if you wish.  The default properties are the best option in almost all cases.

Adjust the image title and description and click 'Insert'Adjust the image title and description and click 'Insert' 

All you need to do is click the 'insert' button.


  1. Put blank lines above and below the place where you want to put the image, before you insert the image.  This makes it easier to insert text above or below the image, and prevents the case where text below the image ends up bold and centered.
  2. Choose your image titles and descriptions so they work as a slideshow when the user clicks on an image and then clicks the 'forward' and 'back' buttons on the enlarged images.


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