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Good day everyone,

Recently acquired a GSA, previous ride was a 1200 LC Trophy so I only had two ride modes, Normal and Rain. Now with the GSA the two new modes I'm interested in is the Enduro and Enduro Pro modes and the question I have is, when riding in those modes on dirt do I still have to disable my ABS and Traction Control, the way I understand it is that those modes automatically desensitise the ABS and Traction Control... Yes?

I'm talking 'plaaspad', nice looking gravel roads not 'bundu bashing'...

Please give me some insight into what you guys do please.

Thank you.

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It is my understanding that Enduro Pro (I don't use Enduro mode) switches off traction control and ABS for the back wheel. Front wheel ABS stays active.

I haven't had any issues using Enduro Pro on technical off road rides - then ago, I generally err on the side of caution.

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Thank you for the reply Roland, yes the Enduro Pro mode according to the BMW website state that it should only be used while sporting a pair of knobblies, I'm still on the standard Anakee 3's...

With my previous LC I used to manually disable the ABS and Traction Control on the dirt road as per instruction from Neels when I did the beginner offroad course... With the ADV I'm thinking there should be a reason why those modes exist, I just need to understand why and how to use them... 


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Yes, I read that "knobblie" remark as well although I don't quite understand the reasoning behind it.

I'm not a big fan of switching off ABS and traction control unless you are specifically training to use neither. For most weekend riders (not saying that you are one) that only touch gravel once in a while, Enduro Pro (with knobblies) will be much safer - they don't have the experience to "out-ABS" the computer's front wheel's ABS.

Of course, you "should" be able to ride without ABS and traction control but that needs to be taught correctly and then trained continuously.

Disclaimer: the above are my opinions and I appreciate any constructive criticism.

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