GS TROPHY 2019- TEAM WESTERN CAPE bring the trophy home SA

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Yes bring the Trophy home  from New Zealand Team SA
And may our Western Cape team.

Hannalie, Wayne, Cobus and BJ have ridden up to Dullstroom to compete as the TEAM WESTERN CAPE in the knockout GS Trophy Challenge to determine who represents South Africa as TEAM SA in the International GS Trophy in New Zealand

Cobus, Wayne and BJ battle ready and raring to go!


The Gees in Dullstroom is great, the crowds are there.


Thanks to John, Neil and Herman for going up to support the team (why so few) any more up there??

Charles Oertel is a points corer, running around the circuits tallying points gained and points lost.


Time to settle the nerves, BJ waiitng for the call to enter the arena for a challenge


Wayne vna der Linde all focus and concentraiotn in the arena...


Cobus, Bj Vosloo and Wayne v d Linde discuss strategy while they assess the teams they compete with.


Cobus rising to the challenge in the arena.


Cobus negotiating a treacherous section in the arena


Our Wayne, kitted up ready to roll out and show his mettle


After scrutineering, Team Western Cape gets ready to move



The day 1 arena



GS Trophy 2019 - actual scores_day4.pdf186.35 KB

Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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DAY TWO Friday 6th September 2019 Dullstroom

The GS challenge SA runs from Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th September in Dullstroom, Mpumulanga


Dullstroom is not only one of the highest situated towns in South Africa, it is also one of the coldest. Emnotweni, meaning 'Place of Prosperity', was added to the name recently. The buildings in Dullstroom - Emnotweni is a both 19th and 20th century designs.


Good morning all....Yesterday was interesting with a GPS route challenge over very tricky roads one lady ended up in a dam but all ok...a rear wheel off and on test...A stamina test...Running with 2 tyres...Picking your bike 4 times then pushing it uphill for about 25 m...

A slow race over tricky route...Last test for the day  zig zag through marked course...All in all WC guys seemed to do well...At this stage I am not too sure how we featuring on the points table...Would estimate Freestate the WC...A turn up for the books it s very cold rainy misty morning....Going to be an interesting day....


At this early stage after day one seems Free State and WC the stronger contenders but difficult to gauge on points as the points scoring is confusing after day one all you see are 30 separate mixed up points in no order...After today it should become clearer...


Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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Final results of the  2019 regional qualifiers that are competing in the 2019 GS Trophy at Dullstroom.



1st          Cobus Theron

2nd        BJ Vosloo

3rd         Wayne van der Linde

Best Female Rider  Chantel Blake-Visser



1st          Cliff Van Der Westhuizen

2nd        Pierre van der Meulen

3rd         Warren Venter

Best Female Rider  Jana Botha



1st          Billy de Wet

2nd        Stephan Strydom

3rd         Jan Roos

Best Female Rider Hanneli Zondagh



1st          Alan Muir

2nd        Rudi Pieters

3rd         Theo van Niekerk

Best Female Rider  Liesl Geyser



1st          Tony McCree

2nd        Ricus Van Der Ryst

3rd         Johan Swart

No Ladies




1st          Daniel Coetsee

2nd        Corzel Schoeman

3rd         Brandon Grimsted

Best Female Rider  Leonie van Niekerk




1st          Chantel Blake-Visser

2nd        Johan Geyser

3rd         Johan de Beer

Best Female Rider  Chantel Blake-Visser

Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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AKA Jimmie Louw

R1200GS Adventure

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AKA Jimmie Louw

R1200GS Adventure

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Hi All

Thanks Andy for getting behind out Western Cape boys much appreciated.

This event is not easy and the team needs our full support, I witnessed the amount of training and commitment over the past few weeks so expecting good results.

Please view on Facebook and give your support!!!







Donford Motorrad Cape Town

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Thanks dave,
Thursday 6th afternoon challenge is at a place called Tonteldoos which is about 25ks from Dullstroom...


Uncle Jhonm Herman, and Neil- our team support braving the cold and rain


Thr bivouac in Dullstroom, chilly, wet, slippery.


Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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Final Results

The full final results are attached to this post, here.


SA GS Trophy Team:

  1. Cobus Theron (WC)
  2. BJ Vosloo (WC)
  3. Brandon Grimsted (FS)

Female Results:

  1. Chantel Blake-Visser (EC)
  2. Christelle van der Meulen
  3. Liesl Geyser

Media Results:

  1. Byron Coetzee
  2. Clinton Pienaar
  3. Braam Smit
  4. Sean Hendley

* The top two females go to Spain for the qualifier to determine the international ladies team for the GS Trophy 2020.

* The top media person accompanies the GS Trophy Team SA to New Zealand to report on their experiences there and keep us informed.

Committee: Webmaster / Ride Captain

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Well done team Western Cape.

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Ons is trots op julle!

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Hi Team

Congratulations to the Western Cape Team.

Very proud of our boys for their commitment and determination in bring back the trophy to the Cape.



Donford Motorrad Cape Town

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