GS 1250 - arriving in Europe

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The new 1250 GS is just arriving.

No time to test it, just few pictures.



Bonne route


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I waited a bit to get a machine and use it the time I wanted.

My dealer, Vionnet Motorcycle Vuadens (Switzerland), is nice and left me the machine without time limit.

Good weather, sun, between 7 and 13 degrees. Playground: Jaun Pass - Bulle.

A beautiful HP without sport suspension.

Beautiful motorcycle.

Very beautiful in this livery. I will not start giving all the features they are known now and available on this blog.

No comments either on his road behavior. Nothing has changed even with weight gain. She is always so easy and safe.


The livery HP is quite close to an Africa Twin, especially with the golden rims. I do not understand why BMW chose to name HP a series solely on the basis of a color. HP for BMW is normally a performance enhanced bike.


The engine is now more convincing. It does not vibrate under 2'000 turns. It takes frankly all the regimes. This is appreciable in the range 3'000 - 4'500 turns. The previous engine has always had performance declines.

It is not a war lightning with KTM sauce but it is full like an egg. He always resumes. It is a gain of security when one is charged, to two in mode tourism and that one must exceed quickly.

It is perfectly suited to the philosophy of a GS. Tourism, GT, Trail highways.

I loved. I could compare right after with a 2014. It is more raw formwork, less creamy. The new improves driving comfort.


Bonne route


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Thanks Eric.


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