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After hearing of Geoff's off-road 'fun' with gates, I thought to prevent Geoff from further premature ageing I would post this "Secret" rule of off-road riding and gates!! If riding in a group and one comes across a closed gate, the first rider stops, opens the gate ,puts a rock/ stone on the gate post and rides through, leaving the gate open, the rest ride through, but the last man (sweeper) rides through, stops, goes back and closes the gate AND removes the stone. IF the gate WAS OPEN when the first rider came up to it, he would simply ride through, as would the rest, and the last man,(sweeper) seeing NO rock/stone, will leave the gate open! Pillion on gate duty.Pillion on gate duty. If the first and last have a pillion with them, the open/close and rock duty falls to them!!:-)
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WOW Neil thanks for that IDEA would never have thought of it....LOL The other 3 posts were also funny at least it gives us something to read. Beer anyone ?Beer anyone ? StuckStuck

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HC,I did feel a bit stupid posting this but each time I saw a gate the feeling was to take a pic to post, as in the beginning with the club, I rode in the middle of the group so had no real clue as to the gate routine, but did ride into a barn when the gent ahead of me missed the "Thumb's Up" and waved to the rider ahead instead, and did not follow them.....He led us ...half the group into a pair of large barn doors!:-)
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The rock on the gatepost thing comes from the 4x4 guys i think & it works. If theres no rock then leave the gate partially open just enough for a bike to get through. We do the rock the partial & the first guy is last guy. Depends on size of group, where you riding & how gatfol you are of gates...
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Correct Pete. Golden rule..........leave all gates as you find them. If gate is closed first rider must place a stone/rock/tin/bottle on the gate post signifying that it must be closed. The last guy on closing the gate removes the object. Want to annoy a farmer???????????? Leave his gate open when it should be closed and the other way around!!!!!!!!!!

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