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Steve Brown

Steve Brown's picture
2017/03/07 - 16:17
2007 BMW 1200GS Adventure
10+ years

Hi I'm Steve Brown and am married and stay in Gansbaai. I ride a BMW 1200GS Adventure (2007 Model) that I purchased in November 2016 and would like to get involved with riding together. My wife supports me, but does not ride with. I am currently 52 years old and consider myself as being a "mature" type of rider and do it for the enjoyment and stress-relief factor.

Scott H

2017/03/07 - 11:56
bmw 800gs
6-12 months


2017/03/05 - 17:26
82' R65LS
3-5 years

Born 18/09/1939 rode BSA golden flash before family and three kids put that to rest. Acquired the R65LS when my second childhood caught up with me about 10 years ago. Family are all sailors and good at it so I can sneak off and ride my bike now and then!


2017/03/05 - 12:55
R1200GS Adventure LC 2017
2-3 years

Im Leigh, after several periods of interest in bikes, i first bought the R1200R. I immediately fell in love with the wind and the feeling of freedom. i then Restored an old R60/6 1974. i have subsequently sold both of these and bought myself the New 2017 GS Adventure. Im never going back.

i am a single Dad with 2 Amazing daughters. I have my own business and worked for the SPAR group for about 19 yrs. 

My intention is to do a number of off road trips and get away from the normal mundane holidays. i love the feeling of focus and getting out on the road. i seek adventure as part of who i am and intend living to this.


Wynand Schultz

2017/03/04 - 20:07
0-3 months

Mike Bunn

2017/03/03 - 15:20
bmw 1200 gs adv lc
10+ years


2017/03/03 - 09:51
Honda Transalp
2-3 years

I am married and have two kids. My daughter (the eldest) is doing her articles after completing her degree and entry board exam. My son is doing an internship at Hill Song Church.

I work for the City of Cape Town

I have been riding bikes from school till the kids came along. Then I started riding quad bikes as a family adventure for a few years.

After selling my quads, i bought my adventure bike just over 2 years ago and enjoying it big time




2017/03/02 - 21:15
0-3 months

New to adventure biking.....

Dennis Davidoff

Dennis Davidoff's picture
2017/03/02 - 20:40
BMW 1200 GS
10+ years

Hi I got my first licence 50 years ago -49cc and have been an active biker ever since.Most of my riding was motoX, enduros etc. I have always had a road bike but only taken to touring recently. I still have my Suzuki GS1000 shaft bought in 1984. I have been happily divorced for 24 years and have three lovely daughters. My partner of 10 years refuses to pillion. She says I'm a hooligan and she is right. Cheers. Dennis


2017/02/24 - 17:09
5-10 years

I'm a young lady who has always enjoyed riding a bike. I was privileged enough to always have one around from legal riding age but I never had one of my own until November 2016 :-)

I enjoy short to medium distance rides just for fun on the weekends. I've always stayed on road but would love the confidence to go off as well. 

Unfortunately my husband does not share my passion for the 2 wheeled machines but luckily he supports me in what I enjoy!

Ryan Venn

2017/02/23 - 16:52
R1200GS Adventure LC
5-10 years


2017/02/16 - 08:04
10+ years

I'm a bike enthusiast that has the privilege of making motorcycling my life. I'm a Sales Exec for Donford BMW Motorrad Stellenbosch and enjoy passing on my passion of these incredible 2 wheeled machines onto my Clients daily.


2017/02/08 - 22:10
10+ years

Hi there. I've been riding my trustworthy old Yamaha TW200 for the last 12 years. I recently upgraded to a GS 650 Dakar. Living on the West Coast gives me enough time to enjoy day trips around home.


2017/02/08 - 15:03
5-10 years

Finally living the dream on a BMW 1200GS

Derek R. Keeling

Derek R. Keeling's picture
2017/02/07 - 12:24
GR1100RT - Road'y
3-6 months

BR1100RT - Road Bike

One of the most popular police bikes in the world          

Enjoying the road and accumulating tar mileage 

My wife - Dalene enjoying the scenery.

I am a Western Cape/Garden Route Registered Tour Guide -

Qualifying as a National Tour Guide. 

I Look forward to connecting with you on the road

Derek - Fish Hoek

083 561 8357


2017/02/07 - 08:29
Kawasaki ZX14
10+ years

I am Deon Louw, owner of a tyre shop and fitment centre in Boksburg.  My clients suggested that I should join the forum as I can offer the forum's riders a lot.  We sell different brands of tyres, road tyres as well as off road tyres.  We also sell tubes, rim locks and mooses.  We fit tyres, chains and sprockets as well SBS brakepads.  We also do electronic balancing.

Please contact us on:  011 918 3921  or 082 785 9278



2017/02/05 - 03:53
F650GS Dakar
10+ years



2017/02/03 - 08:34
1981 BMW R100RS
10+ years

On and off bikes (on purpose) since my teens. In the B-Em department I've had a Dakar, 1150 GS Adventure and now on a 'converted' '81 R100RS with 'personality'!


2017/02/02 - 13:56
10+ years


2017/01/31 - 19:08
None - Looking for 1200 GS
1-2 years

Sakkie Swart

I live in Vredenburg, Westcoast. Was a bike rider long ago. Want to ride again. Married to Elzet. I am 53 years old. I love the great outdoors. 

Very interested in the R1200GS


2017/01/31 - 09:28
R1150 GS Adventure
5-10 years


2017/01/31 - 07:59
1200 Adventure
3-5 years

Willem from Joburg

2017/01/25 - 13:12
BMW 1200 GS Adv LC 2016
6-12 months

My name is Nour Addine, I am new to this, bought the bike specifically to go riding off road but I am still learning. Done a couple of long rides in Namibia and confidence is growing.

If somebody could tell me where I could go off road biking in the area of Cape Town that would be much appreciated.

Stephen Smit Bigsix

Stephen Smit Bigsix's picture
2017/01/25 - 09:32
BMW 1150 GSA
5-10 years

Live in Brackenfell, originally from Namibia. Insurance specialist, husband, father, romantic, chef, poet and painter - coffee fanatic and love country life and bikes. I have been riding since 1977 on and off for years but this is my 1st adventure bike 1150 GS bought last year and don't have much experience on it :)

lizettegouws2@g...'s picture
2017/01/24 - 16:24
650 GS
0-3 months

Pieter Grabe

2017/01/24 - 13:27
1200 GS '09
1-2 years


2017/01/22 - 16:22
BMW 1200 GS 2015
3-6 months

My Fiance bought our GS last year and we have been on the road every weekend since then. It has been an absolute pleasure and honor to explore our breath taking province. 

Our names are Motti and Reinette. We do not like going off road and only do so when we absolutely have to, to get to little farm stalls and such. Otherwise we prefer the stunning and smooth tar roads. 

Our mission now is to meet like minded enthusiasts and have more fun exploring with other riders. 

Okkie Oosthuizen

2017/01/18 - 19:32
GS1200 LC
10+ years

My name is Okkie Oosthuizen 


From strand

Gary Miller

2017/01/18 - 09:38
BMW 800 GS
10+ years


2017/01/16 - 13:57
BMW 800 Adventure
6-12 months

Tour organiser at Lormar Endurance adventure bike tours.


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