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2017/10/16 - 08:00
3-5 years


2017/10/12 - 09:49
5-10 years

Newbie to Dual Sport biking, used to ride on Tarmac.  

Adventuristic and enjoy nature's gift to our eyes.

Looking to expand my offroad ability before planning a trip to somewhere in Africa.


2017/10/05 - 14:16
5-10 years

I have been riding motorcycle on and off since I got my first Chinese motorcycle 11 years ago, but never had a license (just kept on renewing my learners every 2 years), Few months ago I got a 1982 R100RT that has been standing a couple of years. I enjoy all things DIY and this is a little project of mine.

Gert Linde

2017/10/02 - 21:28
GS 1200 LC Rallye
3-5 years

I purchased my 2017 GS 1200 Rallye from Donford BMW 5 weeks ago. I migrated from a KTM 990. I love the new bike and think it is a awesome machine. Done 2000km on it so far of which 800 was gravel roads. I like going on gravel and like riding with groups or solo.

I am a renewable energy developer in investor and work as CEO at Thebe Investment Corporation.

I am 57years old and ride my bike to add life to my years.

Renelle Breytenbach

2017/09/22 - 13:24
GS 1200 LC Adventure
3-5 years


pbreyten's picture
2017/09/21 - 14:30
GS 1200 Adventure
10+ years


We moved from Kwazulu Natal back to the Western Cape after 4 years away.  My wife and I are very soft riders riding for pleasure.  I would like to pick up more experience on gravel with her as passanger.  Ive done some gravel with my wife, but mostly when I am on my own.

Ive only started doing adventure riding in the beginning of 2017.

We are looking forward to meeting the members and participating in some rides with you all.


2017/09/21 - 13:17
10+ years

Hi, I'm Olaf. Been biking for 20 odd years. Been into gravel for the last 12 years. Enjoy gravel mountain passes - been to Die Hel amongst others. Always been on Japanese bikes and this is only my second GS in the space of a few months - sorry I didn't listen and get a GS in the first place.



nick mayled

2017/09/18 - 15:14
2009 1200GS Adventure
10+ years

Hi I live most of the time in the U.K but have a house in S.A and the  2009 1200GS Adventure which I am hoping to go on some ride outs with the club when ever I am In S.A 

Look forward to meeting the club members.



Johan Neethling

Johan Neethling's picture
2017/09/17 - 20:03
BMW 1200 GS
3-6 months


CKuhn's picture
2017/09/11 - 13:54
F 650 GS
2-3 years

Female Rider

Juan van Tonder

2017/09/09 - 10:39
650 Sertao
0-3 months

At 46 I have taken up biking again after may years to enjoy riding with my 18year old son, Nathan, who has just started biking.

Nathan upgared form his 125cc to a 650 Sertao a few months ago and I have just invested in a the same recently. 

I spend most of my day Fibre Optic industry and I have worked in the IT and Telco industry all my life.

Move to Cape Town with my family in 2009 and loving it.... 




Dirk Uys

2017/09/07 - 16:33
GS 1200 LC Adventure
2-3 years

Ruff Trouble

2017/09/07 - 11:59
2-3 years

Hi Everyone,

Too much tar, not enough gravel. Looking for mates to hit the trails with, and hopefully learn a few things from the club.

Looking forward to meeting you all.




2017/09/07 - 11:13
2017 BMW R1200 GS LC Trophy
3-6 months


2017/09/06 - 13:54
GS 1200 Adventure
0-3 months

I am new so is the bike and want to explore the outdoors . 


Granville Papier

2017/09/05 - 18:50
10+ years

Biking is my passion ..non -and smoker ..i also run a small motorbike transport business....i just love being around bikes....meeting new friends and new routes....



Allan Wise

2017/09/05 - 15:23
1200 GS-2011
10+ years

Peter Dusty

Peter Dusty's picture
2017/08/29 - 18:42
BMW 1200 GS
10+ years

My name is Peter and my GS is called Dusty. I’ve had many bikes over the past 20 years and recently upgraded from a Suzuki DL VStrom, and now a dedicated BMW GS owner and loving it… Located in the northern suburbs, I’m single and mostly cruise the Western Cape on my own. Hence I decided to join the club to meet like minded people that like to ride as often as possible.


2017/08/24 - 10:57
BMW GS 1150 Adventure
6-12 months

Hi, name's Tom. Happy new owner of an '04 GS1150A.

Rod Venables

2017/08/16 - 10:23
10+ years


2017/08/10 - 16:20
0-3 months

Albert Questiaux

2017/08/10 - 11:19
Honda VF 750 Sabre (1982)
10+ years

Hi All,

Just getting back into biking after a 25-year  break to raise two great kids, run a business, fly helicopters and retire at 49. Now 63 the itch has come back due to my younger boet’s prompting to ride his old VF 750 Honda Sabre.

Currently looking to get a BMW K1600 Gt to get back into touring with my wife Norma. Norma and I did a lot of touring on a Kawasaki Z-1300 back in the 80’s and I've had 10 various bikes between 1969 till 1992.  This will be my first BMW and looking forward to it.


Paul R van Niekerk

2017/08/07 - 18:04
0-3 months

Hi guys, I'm not only new on here, but also new to biking, so heaps of advice will be needed.




2017/08/06 - 14:57
BMW 1200 GS
6-12 months

My Name is Johan. I had a Yamaha R6 before, but it was not that great. Sold it and decided to get a BMW Gs for us to cruise the Western Cape. As my wife cant always go along, riding on my own, not that nice. Decided to join a club. Thank you


2017/08/04 - 17:29
0-3 months

I am Garth interested in buying a bike.I am not a seasoned biker.


Plainjane's picture
2017/08/04 - 12:04
650 GS Dakar
0-3 months

Jacques Viviers

2017/08/03 - 06:53
2017 BMW 1200 GSA
3-5 years


2017/08/02 - 12:29
harley davidson breakout
10+ years

Hi guys, I just signed up, but the reason for a different thing, is to try help a fellow biker that I don't even know.


2017/07/28 - 11:48
R1200 GS Adventure
0-3 months

Hi All

I am happy to say that I have just purchased my first GS.  I also do not have that much experience in riding yet, hopefully that is going to change now. 

I look forward in meeting some of you and would really appreciate some advice from all you experienced riders.

If there are any of you based in Paarl or Wellington that would like some company from time to time, please contact me. 


2017/07/27 - 12:15
3-5 years

my name is jd wayne collins. i am 27 years old, always loved bikes and i have found a new interest in the adventure side of bikes and would like to meet up with others that share the same interest


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