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Hanjo's picture
2017/06/30 - 10:10
800 GS Adventure
1-2 years

There is approximately 550 000km of dirt road in South Africa, Adventure awaits.


2017/06/29 - 17:45
10+ years


2017/06/29 - 11:36
Honda CBR1100 Blackbird
10+ years

Recently relocated to the Western Cape, Paarl. Accountant by trade, love bikes, fishing, hunting and aeroplanes.

Grew up with offroads on the farm, my first road bike was a Suzuki 250 GSX, followed by Honda 954 Blade and then the Blackbird.

I am seriously shopping for a GS to take the biking off the tar road as well.



2017/06/27 - 20:42
BMW F650 Dakar
10+ years

Hi everyone

I currently have a 2000 650 dakar (black and white one)

This is my 2nd dakar and my 3rd BMW. I really enjoy these bikes and have a lot of faith in their reliability.

I commute every day and then take some nice rides on the weekends.

I live in Durbanville and from here there are lots of nice back roads and gravel roads to go on rides.


Garry van As

Garry van As's picture
2017/06/27 - 14:16
GS 1200 Triple black
10+ years

Hi it is my first GS 1200 adventure that I bought although I have been riding super bikes for the past 20 years. I am very excited and after collecting my bike I was urged by John Carr to join this group. I used to ride quads and MX bikes and that is about the only dirt riding I did. For now I would like to get time in the saddle and do a bit of off road rider training.

Ganesh Raj

2017/06/26 - 12:16
1-2 years

Just arrived in Sarajevo and need some help with my Gs

Louis van der Merwe

2017/06/26 - 11:54
1200 GS LC
5-10 years


2017/06/25 - 20:42
10+ years

Bought a bike in December 2015. Excited to be riding again. looking forward to some nice company and early morning rides.


2017/06/23 - 13:43
1-2 years

Love my bike and looking to learn more


2017/06/20 - 19:53
BMW 1200 GS 2014
3-6 months

I bought a bike in January as I wanted to add more adventure to my life.  I have really been enjoying riding and learning the bike over the last 5 months and I think that by joining the club and riding with fellow like minded individuals will take that enjoyment to the next level. 


2017/06/20 - 15:20
Kawasaki KLR650
10+ years

I am a 1960 model and live in the Strand.

Growing up on a small holding, biking started off as part of the 50cc brigade. Initially it was to get to school and back, but soon the joy of exploring trails and tracks were kindled. Army days saw me being part of bike squad. Since then I never rode, starting again with my son about 10 years ago.

Rides are mostly gravel, only tar to get to gravel exploring back roads. Being mostly a weekend rider I also enjoy the simpler lighter thumper bikes best.





2017/06/19 - 07:43
BWM GS1200
5-10 years

Arno van Rensburg

BMW GS 1200


2017/06/16 - 20:30
0-3 months

Greg Perkins

2017/06/15 - 08:52
2012 GS 1200
10+ years

I've been riding since 1980, this is my first BMW.

I'm keen outdoor enthusiast, 4x4/camping very regularly

I have lots of road experience and really keen to start exploring gravel


2017/06/15 - 00:15
BMW 1200 GS
10+ years

Jeanne Brand

2017/06/12 - 15:48
800 GS
10+ years

Passie vir self reel sosiale motorfietstoere... veral  Namibia, Botswana en ook die Weskus van Suid Afrika.


2017/06/10 - 16:34
GS 1200
10+ years


I am a freelance photographer and lecturer in photography that has decided to get back on a bike after a few years absence. I have always driven smaller engines, lots of offroading and messing about. First time that I have owned a bike  bigger than a 650.  

I am a portrait specialist that work with very old equipment. My topbox will now become the housing for a 1948 Large format camera and all its accouterments. Still figuring out how the hell I am going to fit a nice big sturdy tripod onto the bike.

Jonathan Sander

Jonathan Sander's picture
2017/06/08 - 22:53
2015 BMW R1200GS ADV WC
10+ years

Hi Ladies & Gents,

My real name is Jonathan Sander, although most folk just call me "Jon". I have been riding motorcycles my whole life, i have been fortunate enough to have owned all different types. Many years ago i used to have a Motorcycle Shop in Witbank, so have a lot of experience with motorcycles & the people who ride them. I have taken part in many "track days" & have also attended the "Mpumalanga Road School"in the Eastern Transvaal, run by Dirk Du Plooy. I have just got my Adventure bike & am looking forward to meeting with new & wonderful people in this Club. I was recently retrenched so am sort of "semi retired" and keen on being a regular attendee on the Club tours & Trips , as i certainly have time on my side at the moment. My wife & daughter are both keen horse riders, although my daughter also loves & rides motorcycles, interestingly my son has no interest in motorcycles.

Stuart M

Stuart M's picture
2017/06/08 - 19:51
2017 BMW 1200 GSA
10+ years

37 years old, work flexi hours from home in Melkbos, near Cape Town - anyone for a midweek ride? or has place available on a longer trip?  Please let me know.

Bikes owned includes 250 & 300 2stroke scramblers, 990 Adv R.  BMW 1200 GSA new since May 2017, but have taken it to Tankwa (incl Gannaga and Ouberg), Cederberg, Franschhoek, Route 62, De Hoop, Cape Point, Seweweekspoort, Swartberg, Die Hel, Meiringspoort, Montagu pass, 7 Passes, The Gouna road, Diepwalle, Prins Alfred's, Baviaanskloof, R102, Great Fish River Reserve and surrounds.

Looking forward to going further afield, such as Namibia.

Michael Webber

2017/06/07 - 12:40
0-3 months


2017/06/07 - 11:10
1200 GS Adventure
6-12 months


2017/06/06 - 12:48
Ducati Enduro
1-2 years


2017/06/06 - 12:26
0-3 months

Hi, my name is Wayne and I currently work for Donford Motorrad Cape Town


2017/06/06 - 11:04
BMW R1150 GS
2-3 years

Hi guys

I have been riding a cruiser for two years now, but I recently decided that I would like to explore more of South Africa on a bike that can do dirt roads and trails, and also handle long distances comfortably.

My friend recommended the model 1150GS as an affordable bike that ticks all the boxes. I have been enjoying exploring local off-road jeeptrack areas and have been thoroughly enjoying it. 

I'm keen to develop my skills and go on plenty of adventures.

Talitha Venter

2017/06/05 - 18:15
0-3 months

New to the biking scene - still only a pillion at this stage but plans are in action to change that very soon :-)

I'm an outdoors person. Love to hike, camp and go for bike rides.


Melambar's picture
2017/06/02 - 17:48
BMW R1200S
10+ years

Hi, my name is Bruce McGregor, 47 years old small family myself, my second wife and my 2 sons, 1 16years old and the other 11 months. I'm currently relaxing after a 15 year stint of not riding, take Tuesdays and Thursdays and bike around the peninsula. 


2017/06/02 - 13:15
BMW g 650 gs
3-5 years

Frik V

2017/06/01 - 13:50
0-3 months

I am new to the world of motorbikes. Did ride when I was a lot younger but due to a "midlife crisis" - my excuse for buying one a again, I am back in the saddle!


2017/05/28 - 19:50
3-5 years


CptDonno's picture
2017/05/28 - 10:25
10+ years

I have been riding since 1995, mostly commuting to work and back.
First bike was a Suzuki 850 and a great introduction to riding. Had to trade her in for a responsible car option ;-(.

Eventually got my hands on a small Yamaha TW200 to get to work and back. Since then I have upgraded to the F650GS  (Her name is Mia) and loving it.
Now ready to try my hand at off road. Loving the dirt so far.

See you on the road...
​Donavan Daniels


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