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2017/04/25 - 18:25
BMW 1200 GS
10+ years


2017/04/24 - 09:08
2016 BMW R1200GS
10+ years

Hiya Fellow Bikers

Name is Charles. I am a reformed Super biker due to environment change i.e. now reside on the West Coast Western Cape. Must say a wise decision moving from Super bike to Adventure bike considering distances that need to be covered here and absolutelly love it. Wife loves riding with and we have a lot of country side to cover.

Would certainly enjoy falling in with any rides planned for a day with other Adventure riders.



2017/04/20 - 08:40
GS 1200 Adventure
10+ years

Good day. Recently sold H D night rod special and purchased 

Gs 1200 adv. Looking forward to new adventures.


Steve Kulka

2017/04/17 - 09:37
6-12 months


2017/04/17 - 08:36
R1150GS 2001
1-2 years

Been riding my 650gs twin since 2008. Already 160 000 on the clock. Also riding 2001 1150GS and 1979 R100RS

Live in Pretoria

Tim Becker

2017/04/16 - 17:41
1200 GS (WC)
5-10 years


2017/04/14 - 20:32
10+ years

ivor dyason

2017/04/12 - 10:01
2015 BMW R1200GS ADV WC
10+ years


2017/04/11 - 15:09
2017 BMW 1200 GSA
10+ years


New member from PE.


2017/04/11 - 13:59
1997 BMW ST 800 up until the accident
10+ years

BMW rider up until taken out by a drunk.

Saving up to buy another BMW

Jaco Conradie

2017/04/10 - 21:56
BMW 650gs
3-5 years


2017/04/09 - 20:26
Bmw gsa 1200
2-3 years


2017/04/07 - 21:55
KTM 950 Adventure S
3-5 years


2017/04/06 - 10:00
2006 BMW R 1200 GS
5-10 years


2017/04/04 - 13:11
3-5 years

29 yrs, and owned several BMW bikes.

Currently on my favourite R1150GS and also an F800GS.

Past bikes include:

BMW R65 - BMW F650GS twin



2017/04/04 - 12:27
GS F800
6-12 months

I visited good friends on their farm in Mpumalanga in March 2016.  They both have been riding 1200's for quite a while and had an Adventure Skills weekend on the farm while I was there.

Fell in love with the sound, looks and performance of these bikes, got back and and bought my first bike ever. 

Enjoying every single second of it and have been on quite a few trips and rides most weekends.


Rita de Bruyn

2017/04/02 - 18:28
Pillion on K1200LT
10+ years


2017/03/30 - 17:32
1200 GSA
6-12 months


2017/03/29 - 17:44
SYM 125
0-3 months

Old Grizzly

2017/03/27 - 20:54
K1200GT plus HP2 Sport plus other makes
10+ years

Hi guys, I'm Colin from GP but moving to the Cape soon. Been riding for over 40 years. Offroad, Adventure, Track and road.  Currently experiencing the cracked fuel flange on my 2007 K1200GT with just 23000 km on it.  How we didn't end up in a fireball yesterday I don't know! Wondering who else has had this and whether BMW were prepared to admit responsibility. They already shrugged off the burnt clutch issue that happens because they allow a wet clutch to run dry. From what I read I can expect my HP2 Sport to have the same problem.

Tania Fourie

Tania Fourie's picture
2017/03/27 - 09:11
G650 GS
6-12 months


2017/03/24 - 09:34
BMW R1200 GS
3-5 years


2017/03/23 - 15:44
R 1200 gs lc
10+ years

I have recently retired and now have some additional leisure time to enjoy riding my bike.

Beverley Botha

2017/03/20 - 19:00
0-3 months

Hi. We are in our 50' and just started riding.  We are husband and wife (Anton and Bev)and I am the pillion.  We would like to join in on the  breakfast  runs and keen to know how one goes about it.  We stay in Somerset  West.


2017/03/20 - 14:04
2003 BMW f650 GS Dakar
6-12 months

Pieter Niemann

2017/03/19 - 13:23
1-2 years

My name is Pieter and I recently bought myself this bike from a colleague and enjoy every minute on it. Use it mostly for commuting to work and back.

Rouen Williams

2017/03/13 - 18:21
0-3 months


Starting on a new adventure by taking bike lessons, getting a license and riding as often as I can.

My interest are out doors, health, travel, current affairs and networking business.

Hopeto have some interesting chats and rides,



2017/03/13 - 08:10
bmw 1150gs
5-10 years

Jonathan van Wyk

Jonathan van Wyk's picture
2017/03/12 - 17:01
BMW F800GS 2012
5-10 years

Hi im Jonathan

Afrikaans speaking 28 year old from a small town in the Karoo (Aberdeen) and have been living in CT with my soon to be wife for the last 4 years, absolutely in love with Cape Town and the surroundings, recently bought the BMW f800gs to get out there a bit more, lets see how it goes if we like it a lot we might get one for the misses as well.

I have some super bike and offroad experience and a lot of quad racing experience, sold that because of the inconvenience of loading it and taking it somewhere to ride.


Hope to have some great times with fellow members!




2017/03/11 - 11:08
0-3 months

Derek Roger Keeling (DrK)

Had an old 1000RT in 1986. Had to let it go shortly after due to financial challenges.

Have had to wait a long while to get on the road and strategically get over the hurdles of financial pressure as well as keeping both my marriage, and bike. 

Have now picked up a 2000 1100 and am hoping to get many kms on it. 

I consider myself a novice and have now done a few hundred kms - But WOW! As I get used to the bike, I'm finding it so easy to ride. 

I can only agree with most of the Police around the world - most popular police bike. - Great Choice. 


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