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Justin Thiart

2018/09/15 - 08:09
2012 R1200 GSA
10+ years


Live in the Eastern Cape now and first time owning a BMW

been through the rest of the mills and would like to know a bit more about adventure riding and the Gs.


2018/09/14 - 10:00
2008 GS1200A
10+ years

I am a newcomer to South Africa, and look forward to discovering the country via motorcycle touring and adventure rides. I have over 40 years of riding experience on various road and off-road bikes.  My wife and I often travel together  and are interested in trips and travel that include pillion riders.

Rene Schieritz

2018/09/14 - 09:46
None, but looking
0-3 months

Complete newbie, looking to get into the intimidating world of motorcycling largely for logistical reasons - daily commute and weekly run to Hermanus to visit the GF. Live in Cape Town, passionate about the environment and climate change and enjoy a spot of fishing.


2018/09/13 - 21:18
5-10 years


2018/09/11 - 17:38
0-3 months


2018/09/10 - 14:29
2010 1200GSA
3-6 months


2018/09/07 - 10:31
Don’t own one (yet)
0-3 months

Hello I’m Maryvonne last did bike riding as a sixteen year old on a 50cc Love the outdoors Want to camp on off the beaten tracks easy to ride Have a husband who does not want to bike but happy to come along by car I want to trial run the concept before committing to buying a bike Not currently but want to ride self as part of test run 

John Allen

2018/09/05 - 10:55
BMW R 1150 GS 2001
0-3 months

Hi I am a new to new rider to BMW GS, prior owned Honda Transalp


2018/09/05 - 09:33
2012 R1200 GSA
5-10 years

Nikki Haynes

2018/09/03 - 11:18
GS 1200 LC
10+ years

Ross De Jager

2018/09/02 - 09:08
0-3 months

New rider and exited to join the club.

Gavin Reid

2018/09/01 - 19:31
F800 GS
10+ years

Just made the jump from a 1968 Vespa P200e to  800GS. Loving it and keen to hit the road. 


2018/08/31 - 10:13
Kawasaki 2007 Versys 650
5-10 years


2018/08/25 - 02:00
R1200 GS
10+ years

Hi my name is Sean I am 52 years old I live in Durbanville I am a partner in a chain of Supplement shops. Engaged to a wonderful woman who also enjoys the bike. I look forward to meeting new faces and having a great time with the BMW group.


2018/08/15 - 15:51
RT 1200
6-12 months

Recently bought a bike, always been a bucket list item. Husband of ONE and Father of TWO. Fun-loving chap with a healthy respect for road

Johan Greeff Pannas

2018/08/15 - 13:27
10+ years

Hallo all - Pannas here - long time rider, first time BMW owner. Looking forward to meeting most of you and learning all sorts of nifty stuff about the brand.



2018/08/10 - 13:47
BMW G650GS Sertao
10+ years

My name is Savannaha, I work as a registered nurse in the emergency centre for Mediclinic. I enjoy taking my bike out and am also extremely involved in my horse riding. I was lucky enough to grow up with both of my parents being into motorbikes. Looking forward to many awesome rides.


2018/08/07 - 14:36
bmw 650 funduro
5-10 years

Good day my name is Willie and i stay in pretoria. I am 49 years of age married and have 2 lovely daughters. I love my bmw 650 funduro and it is a very strong bike.


2018/08/01 - 20:13
10+ years

André du Plessis, biking since 1974. Married for 35 years. Two sons, both on bmw's. R1100S and a RT1150. Enjoying my RS. Also own a 955i Tiger, a rare 1987 Honda GB400TT and a 1966, Suzuki K11 (80c) as well as a 1974 GT 185 twin (1974) and a 1959 Hummel DKW moped. Live in Somerset West. André du Plessis.

H Thomas

2018/07/15 - 21:45
10+ years


2018/07/10 - 16:21
F650GS Dakar
3-5 years


2018/07/07 - 17:30
5-10 years

D A Gibbons

2018/07/07 - 14:13
R 1200 GS
10+ years

Hi My name is David Gibbons. I have been riding +- 50 years. Owned many jap bikes. Recently I purchased my first BMW a 2007 R 1200 GS with 30000 km on the clock. I have known this bike from day 1. I would like to learn from you guys, I know absolute nothing about the bike except what I read in the owners hand book.            Thanks Dave


Lester Lentz

2018/07/04 - 20:32
BMW R1200 ST, BMW K1200 RS, BMW F650
10+ years

Hi, My name is Lester, 59 yrs old been a social biker for many years. Am a fair weather biker, and a fair weather ski boat fisherman. Enjoy outdoors. Retired Banker. Now own Glass and Aluminium manufacturing business. Married to non-biker wife. Have two grown up boys


BMW1934fan's picture
2018/07/04 - 05:15
3-5 years



2018/07/01 - 10:11
BMW G 650 GS
3-6 months

Recently started biking after retirement.


Izak Visser

2018/06/29 - 14:59
2009 BMW F 650 Twin GS
10+ years

Izak Visser, got own business, love to ride with my son on Sundays.

Stephen Zeelie

2018/06/27 - 15:26
10+ years

I just enjoy riding.


2018/06/24 - 15:43
1200GS LC
10+ years

Greetings to All,

I'm a retired pilot and live in Stellenbosch.

My bike collection consists of a 1972 Triumph Bonneville (customised as a cafe racer), a 1936 Triumph Tiger 80 and a 1913 Royal Enfield.

Having recently sold my 2012 Triumph Speed Triple, my curiosity about off-road bikes has been ignited by a friend who rides a 1200GS and I've been contemplating buying one.

I've spent the last few hours looking through some of the forums here which are full of interesting and useful information.

I look forward to reading more posts and interacting with the members.





2018/06/22 - 07:46
GS1200 Adventure, KTM 690R, KTM 300, HD RoadKing Classic
10+ years

Hi I am Petrus Jordaan. I am riding a 2011 R1200 GS Adventure. Its the first adventure type bike for me. My previous bike was a ZX14.

I am married to Charleen Jordaan who also loves biking. She always like riding with me as pillion but hopefully that will change as she wants to be riding a bike of her own someday.

We love doing long trips with the bike. We would love to do some offroad trips with the BMW Motorrad club where we could be taught the know hows of off road riding and get to meet new friends.

I am currently riding for a MC club but that might





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