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Ian S

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2007/06/21 - 09:17
R1200GS Adventure
5-10 years
Hi, my name is Ian Steyn. I stay in Durbanville and commute on the bike to work (city) almost every day. Weekends the Adventure does what it does best - going off-road! I love getting off the tar and is always keen on exploring new gravel roads. On JR's Wupperthal tripOn JR's Wupperthal tripLetting tyre pressure down for the gravelLetting tyre pressure down for the gravel

red rocket

2007/06/20 - 19:17


2007/06/20 - 18:11


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2007/06/20 - 16:56
BMW 1200 GS
10+ years
Hello, my name is Pat Jenkerson, sister to Brian Messenger. I live in Gauteng and have been riding bikes again since 2002. My current bike is a 2005 BMW1200 GS (okay, I know I am vertically challenged at 163cm), but just love this bike. This is my 4th BMW since 2002, and prior to that, my first life of riding (1973-1985), I owned various Japanese bikes and a BMW R100RT. Raced off-road and on-road, but now just love riding with friends, breakfast rides and trips away. Brian and Roz invited me to join them on 2 of BMW Cape's annual tours, which I thoroughly enjoyed, as there were some awesome scenic roads on both trips. One good thing about being single / divorced, I don't have to ask anyone's permission to buy a new motorcycle!!!! And that is why I then bought another BMW R1200 Cruiser in 2012, a 2005 model, with very low mileage, just under 20,000kms, and just love riding this bike too. Nice breakfast runner and short distance one night trips done on this bike is an absolute pleasure.


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2007/06/20 - 15:13


2007/06/20 - 14:08
10+ years


wolf's picture
2007/06/20 - 07:55
10+ years
My full name is Wolfgang Denzl. I started at the age of 14 with a Miele moped 50cc, moved up to a Rex 50cc and drove a 250cc NSU Max at the age of 17 (without a licence). Next one was an Adler 250cc and then the whole range of Japanese from 125cc Yamaha over 250cc Suzuki, 750 to 900 Honda. As an "old " man I thought it is time to relax and buy a BMW. I must say, it is the best bike I ever had. R1150RR1150R

Johan du Preez

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2007/06/20 - 07:11


2007/06/19 - 22:15


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2007/06/19 - 22:15
bmw 1200 gs adv lc
10+ years


2007/06/19 - 12:27
1-2 years


2007/06/19 - 12:24

Paul@GS Africa

Paul@GS Africa's picture
2007/06/19 - 10:58
A selection of 2011/12/13 GS Bikes (650, 700, 800,1200, Adventures, 1600 GT) for rental
10+ years
GS Africa offers Premium, Low Kilometre, BMW GS Motorcycles for rental in South Africa ( Cape Town and Johannesburg ) in pristine condition. Model range includes all 650's (single & twin) 700, 800, 1200 GS and Adventures. Also the new 2013 Liquid Cooled 1200 GS. Bike luggage as well as rider gear is available for rental. Visit our website Paul Blignaut

Johan Booyens

2007/06/19 - 10:29


2007/06/19 - 10:19
R100RT - a 1983 vintage
2-3 years
I had a motorcycle, a 350 Matchless, when I was much younger, which I rode for about 3 years. This was in the early 1960's when I lived in Salisbury (now Harare) in Zimbabwe. Protective gear was a joke, and consisted of a pair of flying goggles to keep the miggies out of your eyes, and that was it! Then I got married and, apart from riding a Lambretta scooter (can you believe it) for commuting in Johannesburg in the late 1970's, had not ridden a bike until 2004 when I bought this one. Unfortunately, although my wife used to ride the Matchless, she is less enthusiastic about motorcycling now, for various health reasons, and I need to be quite diplomatic about the time I spend on it. For me, it is fabulous to be back in the saddle again, (thanks to the late Coenraad Spamer) and I hope to carry on for quite some time, and will join as many breakfast runs as possible. My kids are all grown up, but living in UK and USA, so we are forced to do the travel thing to see them and the grandchildren. I tend to be a fair weather rider, and am also a bit slower around the bends than some of you. I plead a less sophisticated suspension as the reason for the latter!!!

Charl M Smit

Charl M Smit's picture
2007/06/19 - 10:19
10+ years


Freakonaleash's picture
2007/06/19 - 09:02
All BMWs
10+ years
Marius Burger, worked for BMW Motorrad for several years and now with Motorlease Biketique in the Southern Suburbs. Spesialise in used BMW motorcycles and aftermarket accessories. I ride constantly, its what I do... .. .. .. .. .. ..


tonyt's picture
2007/06/19 - 08:23
1-2 years


Speedking's picture
2007/06/19 - 08:14
3-5 years


2007/06/19 - 08:10
5-10 years

Ian Verhulp

2007/06/19 - 08:02

offroad adventurer

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2007/06/18 - 23:02


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2007/06/18 - 22:18
10+ years

Warren Koen

Warren Koen's picture
2007/06/18 - 18:25
14 GSA1200 LC
10+ years


hd's picture
2007/06/18 - 13:29

Dennis Maytom

2007/06/18 - 13:09

Chris vd Westhuizen

2007/06/18 - 13:06
R1200GSA - 30YRS
10+ years


Brendan's picture
2007/06/18 - 11:05
10+ years

Ruan de Lange

2007/06/18 - 11:04
5-10 years

chris dunn

chris dunn's picture
2007/06/18 - 11:02


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