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2007/06/19 - 08:14
3-5 years


2007/06/19 - 08:10
5-10 years

Ian Verhulp

2007/06/19 - 08:02

offroad adventurer

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2007/06/18 - 23:02


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2007/06/18 - 22:18
10+ years

Warren Koen

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2007/06/18 - 18:25
14 GSA1200 LC
10+ years


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2007/06/18 - 13:29

Dennis Maytom

2007/06/18 - 13:09

Chris vd Westhuizen

2007/06/18 - 13:06
R1200GSA - 30YRS
10+ years


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2007/06/18 - 11:05
10+ years

Ruan de Lange

2007/06/18 - 11:04
5-10 years

chris dunn

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2007/06/18 - 11:02

Warren Ellwood

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2007/06/18 - 10:42
2013 F800 GS
5-10 years
I was one of those lucky enough to be have motorcycles when I was young, eventually taking part in moto X, enduro's and even a few months on a RD350 trying my hand at road racing. When I went to the army in 87, that was it, no more bikes until 2006 when I decided to buy 2 x TW200's to get back into biking. These soon turned into BMW650's and since then, mine has turned into a 800GS.


2007/06/18 - 09:47
1-2 years


2007/06/18 - 09:43
1150 Adventure
5-10 years


2007/06/17 - 22:39


2007/06/17 - 22:20

Karl Nepgen

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2007/06/17 - 21:12
5-10 years


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2007/06/17 - 21:12


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2007/06/17 - 16:22
1-2 years


2007/04/17 - 20:05

Charles Oertel

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2007/04/14 - 17:52
5-10 years

Hi, I'm the webmaster of this site, and the lucky owner of 'Mr. Badger'. I started with Brenda Buttercup when I got her for a song when I mentioned to a friend that I was in the market for a bigger scooter to replace my 150cc Vespa. At first I didn't want her, thinking that BMW bikes must be just like their cars - common. How wrong was I... Brenda and I did the Anysberg trip in 2005, and we did the introduction to off-road rider training at Zevenwacht, and Julie and I and Brenda had a threesome at the ''Intro to offroad rider with pillion training''. Brenda Buttercup: In the Tankwa Karoo reserveBrenda Buttercup: In the Tankwa Karoo reserve I have been married 27 years, and have two sons - 26 and 29 years old.

I sold Brenda to my eldest when I got Mr.Badger - a beautiful blue and white 2003 R1150GS - in 2007/8. Now my wife Julie owns Brenda and we do trips together. Mr.Badger at Klipbokkop: This is the jumping on the advanced courseMr.Badger at Klipbokkop: This is the jumping on the advanced course

Mr.Badger is a bike among men. I have done the intermediate and advanced offroad courses with him, and practise skills challenges and allsorts. If I drop him, he just lands on his tappet-cover protectors, waits for me to pick him up, then shakes the sand out of his pelt. He has over 230 000km on the clock and is still going strongly (though he has taken up smoking recently wink). Bunny HopBunny Hop


I am the first person to have completed every one of the courses provided by Country Trax and I was awarded a certificate for this honour, as well as a complimentary training course. I believe that regular training and courses are essential to maintaining your riding skills and improving your safety on a bike.


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