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-Az-'s picture
2014/01/18 - 10:47
10+ years
A fortysomething that's been riding for nearly thirtysomething :)


00kennedy's picture
2017/10/21 - 19:28
1-2 years

Hi I'm K. Kennedy I'm from the Stellenbosch area. I've been riding for many years. I grew up on a farm so you can imagine but on a 1200gs it's only been 2years . I'm 35years old married with 2kids I work on a farm 


1 KAT's picture
2009/01/06 - 09:55
1-2 years
Hi guys & girls! Saw your forum through another forum and I am really keen to participate in the Nelsons Creek 2009 event. Learnt to ride in 1986 on KDX 200 on old farm roads, short time. Bought old Honda ? 500 and then another old KLR 600 Kawa..really not much riding on any of them. Last year June bought my dream bike KTM 640 Adv and am in love with it! The whole adventure riding scene is so wholesome and i try to find as much time as possible to ride! Yes my bike took some getting used to, had to be lowered (yep i am a girl!) but now every ride i am getting more & more confident on her! Hope to meet & ride with you someday soon:-) Mish


2008/11/11 - 08:51
1150 GS Adventure
10+ years
Male - Johan Like dirt roads, camping etc.


2015/10/02 - 16:22
GSA 1150' GS1150.
10+ years
I'm Kevin, retired and living in Oudtshoorn. Originally from UK and have been in SA about 12 years. Married to Tina who is a tour guide. We both love to go away on the bike and explore this great country.


2012/06/18 - 18:28
10+ years
Hi I'm new to the Cape and have just found out the BMW dealerships don't service 1980's RS100's around these parts.... not very BMW me thinks.. will need some pointers on how to keep mine on the road... by the way I'm from the UK so I'm loving the dark wet winter evenings!

2 Wheel Safari

2009/05/20 - 10:11
BMW GS 1200
10+ years
I have a transportation company for bikes, transporting any bike anywhere in South Africa. For more information or to book your bike on my trailer, please contact me!


2008/01/18 - 13:46
R12000 GS ADV
10+ years
The name's Koos, I am 43+ and "sorry to tell you this" a Free Stater. I like the outdoors, hate clinical clean and cold guest houses and “known better” idiots. I appreciate and enjoy a good joke. I believe if one can enjoy the simple things in life as cheese, bread and wine, then life’s great in Africa. Married with one kid.


2011/01/23 - 17:31
1-2 years
Hi, Pete here, love riding gravel tracks and getting away from it all


2013/11/14 - 08:05
R1200GS Adventure
3-5 years


2008/11/21 - 12:58
0-3 months


2007/09/11 - 08:27
1200 Adventure
10+ years
Four wheels move the body....two wheels move the soul!


2010/07/25 - 10:32
BMW Xcountry
10+ years


2013/08/04 - 08:36
10+ years
My name is John and I've been doing the adventure riding thing for about 8 years after switching from hyper sports bikes. My rides are mostly long ones (I.e more than 1000kms at a time) which I do the end of the year and over the Easter period.


2017/10/16 - 11:29
GS 1200 LC Adventure
0-3 months

Morning all,

I'm a retreaded biker feeling my way. Last rode in the '70s (gad) and I'm now taking time to get used to the bike, more traffic and all the torque! Once that's sorted, I'm looking to do some gravel and make new mates.


A Stone

A Stone's picture
2013/07/02 - 17:31
10+ years
I have just ordered me a 1200 GS LC. Currently have 2 other bikes. I'm ready to ride any time. I work in the film biz as a Stunt and Special Effects coordinator. My name is Antony Stone.


2011/11/24 - 21:44
BMW R 1150 GS 2002
10+ years
Adriaan, living in Cape Town, like long roadtrips off the beaten track. Joining for some tech talk and possible upgrades on the bike.


2017/02/16 - 08:04
10+ years

I'm a bike enthusiast that has the privilege of making motorcycling my life. I'm a Sales Exec for Donford BMW Motorrad Stellenbosch and enjoy passing on my passion of these incredible 2 wheeled machines onto my Clients daily.


2016/10/03 - 12:34
6-12 months


Abel's picture
2007/10/15 - 08:27
1200 GSA
10+ years


abeldup's picture
2009/01/05 - 16:51
3-5 years


2011/10/20 - 21:51
BMW K100
3-5 years
from Cape Town

Abie Fourie

2009/08/11 - 17:32
BMW Dakar 650
10+ years
Do a bit of off-road riding and back-up for some offr0ad trips.

Abri Bothma

2013/05/05 - 11:37
F800 GS
6-12 months


2012/06/04 - 11:54
2005 F650GS
0-3 months
Hey guys, My name is Abri, I'm working as a helicopter pilot in Cape Town. I've recently had the crazy notion of driving around on two wheels, so I've invested in a red F650GS. I know pretty much nothing about riding at the moment, but I'm hoping to learn a lot from everyone here! Cheers!


2009/08/17 - 22:15
2-3 years


2016/03/01 - 22:54
2-3 years


2014/08/04 - 11:31
2008 bmw 650 gs
0-3 months


2009/09/04 - 20:02
BMW 1200 lt
0-3 months
Ian based in JHB. Just got into the biking scene after 20 years

Adam Mason

2018/04/23 - 11:40
10+ years

My name is Adam Mason,

I've ridden a few classic bikes over the years, but most recently have put a 1960 R27 back on the road with the help of professional mechanics.

I'd like to bring the bike up to an excellent condition, and am hoping to find access to information, advice and spares from the members.

I look forward to the journey!



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