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2019/04/10 - 14:17
GS650 Sertao
10+ years

Hi. My name is Justin youens and I'm a long time rider that has begun to explore and enjoy the adventure riding a lot more in the last couple of years so I got my Sertao to spend more time off road with like minded people

Mark Buchanan

2019/04/09 - 23:00
2018 GS 1200
3-5 years

Hi my name is Mark, I am looking for some tours on dirt mainly farm

roads to meet new people and have new experiences.

Martin Kruger

Martin Kruger's picture
2019/04/08 - 20:35
R1200 GS Adventure
10+ years

Martin Kruger, turning 50 this year (2019), been married for 26 years and have a son 22y and a daughter 19.

Grew up on single cylinders, but have not owned or ridden anything permanently for 20 years until this year when I got a R1200GSA (2011).

Wife loves to pillion, and we are out almost ever weekend, need more time off road to build confidence smiley.


2019/04/08 - 08:13
BMW F 650 GS
10+ years


2019/04/03 - 07:54
2014 BMW 1200 GSA
5-10 years

Henk Smith

Henk Smith's picture
2019/04/02 - 20:51
2014 R1200 GSA LC K51
10+ years

Hi everyone. I have been riding for many years, various ‘road’ bikes. …One day I did a bit of “off road” on my Tiger ‘Roadie’ and fell in love with “gravel”

The roadie had to go and I now ride a 2014 R1200 GSA LC K51 called ‘Nellie’

Recently did the Country Trax beginner course (was quite the eye opener) and look forward to doing more training with CT and riding with the club.


Mark aka Witblitz

Mark aka Witblitz's picture
2019/04/02 - 12:08
10+ years

Average guy with a passion for off-roading be it in a 4x4 or the new chapter off-roading on my GS


Kdavids's picture
2019/03/31 - 19:33
1250 GS Adventure
10+ years

Live in Onrus River and enjoy visiting different places with my partner as pillion. Enjoy the freedom of taking unknown roads to see where they lead

Hein Bredenkamp

2019/03/28 - 11:52
BMW GSA 1200
3-5 years

My name is Hein Bredenkamp, I am retired and live in Durbanville. I bought my first bike about 6 years ago and taught myself to a large extent to ride. I am riding mostly on tar and would like to do some training to learn how to get the most out of my bike. This together with doing some outrides is the reason I want to join the club.


2019/03/27 - 20:18
GS 1200 LC Adventure
5-10 years


2019/03/26 - 22:35
2011 BMW R1200GS Adventure
3-5 years

Hi All

My name is Christo vd Merwe fom Durbanville. I just recently bought a GSA1200 afte having sold my GS800 some 2.5 years ago and just had to get back into the adventure biking thing again.

It will be awesome to meet up with like minded people again.




2019/03/26 - 02:50
10+ years


2019/03/18 - 11:24
Kawazaki ZX14
10+ years
Hi. I have done various Marshalling Events. Toy Run, Cape Cycle Tour, etc. I am a MOTH affiliate and enjoy the brotherhood. My Marshall No: 058. I'm a sober and responsible rider with a Pillion. References: Andy Connell 0836780072, Koos Roux 0825229010.


2019/03/16 - 23:35
gs 1200
10+ years

Hi, I am Noel. Super excited after riding a long time ago and reinventing my youth.

father of 2 adult children and wide interest in life.

Mike Rheeder

2019/03/15 - 17:53
BMW R1100S
10+ years

Just love riding, with like-minded souls


2019/03/14 - 22:01
Dakar 650 2004
5-10 years

Daniël Theron

2019/03/12 - 21:52
GS 1200 LC Adventure
1-2 years


2019/03/09 - 10:54
3-5 years

Female older rider enjoying biking


2019/03/06 - 10:02
BMW F800GS 2011
1-2 years


2019/03/06 - 09:15
2007 CBR 1000RR
6-12 months

Jason Nicol

2019/03/04 - 16:59
BMW 1200 GS Adv LC 2016
10+ years


2019/03/02 - 15:24
R1200 GS
10+ years


2019/03/01 - 21:27
1-2 years

hi everyone my name is hani  im from yemen ... i start riding bike here in cape town and i start with suzuki GIXXER SF 150 cc and after a while i upgraded to kwasaki zx6r ..  i love traveling on bike it gives me some sort of freedom ...

Leon Burger

2019/03/01 - 12:22
Honda VFR 1200 crosstourer
10+ years

Hi my name is Leon I am from Wellington I do biking about every weekend.  I do not belong to any club or organization.  I love biking in general and am looking to marshall from time to time.


2019/02/28 - 15:00
1-2 years

Real name is Arie


2019/02/28 - 10:22
G310 GS
6-12 months

Real name is Kim Hoek (neé Desodt).

I grew up as a pillion (from age of 2). I eventually allowed my husband to buy a bike and after taking it for a few spins, bought one for myself a month later!

I'm a mom to identical twin girls who are already irritated with all the "bike talk"!


Gerry Jenneker

2019/02/27 - 08:32
BMW 1200 GS Adv LC 2014
10+ years

I am very new to the BMW and am very exciting to be part of the BMW family. I have been riding classic bikes (Harley / boulevard )most of my riding years. I have been on road and looking forward to experience off-road riding. I have had the experience of riding with some of your club members and it was amazing and looking forward to more of these opportunities. 

Mandy P

Mandy P's picture
2019/02/24 - 20:19
F650 GS (twin) 2008
10+ years

I've been riding a motorcycle for 21 years.  All tar until this past weekend!  A few friends have adventure bikes and are always talking about these fabulous places they go to via dirt roads and I decided that I wanted to be a part of that so here I am  :-)


2019/02/24 - 12:20
10+ years

Stan Theart

Lives in Pretoria.

Loves touring on gravel(Namibia and Karoo)

Drives a truck and loving it.


2019/02/24 - 07:30
GS 1200 Adventure
10+ years


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