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2019/02/20 - 20:05
GS1200 Adventure
0-3 months

Real name: Jason 


2019/02/15 - 20:17
2016 F800GS Adventure
2-3 years

Hi All
Previously a Suzuki DL VStrom rider, i take delivery of my 2016 F800 GSA on the 19/02/2019.
I am friends with many members of your club including Mike and Wendy Henderson, Ed Dawson. Ed pointed me in this direction and told me this would be an awesome community to join. 
I have 3 years experience on the strom, but consider myself a complete novice when it comes to proper off road bikes. Looking forward to learning so much about these bikes and improve my riding!



2019/02/13 - 19:52
800 GS Adventure
0-3 months


My name is Francois.

37 Years old.

Married to a beautiful wife.


Wendy Blenkhorn

2019/02/11 - 10:48
10+ years


2019/02/09 - 16:46
10+ years

Craig Willson

Craig Willson's picture
2019/02/08 - 09:59
F800 GS
10+ years

Hi, I am a new BMW rider and would like to read and share my experience with this amazing machine, and to learn more about the adventure scene. 


2019/02/06 - 05:15
BMW 650 GS K72
0-3 months


2019/02/04 - 14:14
BMW K1200 GT
10+ years

My name is Koos Roux.

Currently, I am self employed, and own a painting contractors business. I live in Durbanville, and is 57 years of age.

I have been riding motorcycles since I was 19 years old, and also belong to the MOTH Motorcycle Association.

I am not married, but have been living with Alta Ferreira for the last 12 years.

Tim Reid

Tim Reid's picture
2019/02/01 - 16:54
3-5 years

My name is Timothy Reid. I am 41 years old and married with 2 kids.

I had a TZR 50 when I was at school. After I left school I had a KLR 650 for 2 years which I sold.

I haven't been on a bike for the last 20 years but always yearned to get one again. So last year I took the plunge and bought a pre owned 2018 BMW F800 GS Adventure which I am absolutely loving.

I want to do more off road based riding and have already enrolled for my first Country Trax training session in March and am planning on doing the next course in June in Touws River.





2019/01/30 - 14:19
BMW 1200 RT
3-5 years

Hi My Name is Russell Wilmot. 

I have been riding seriously now for about 5 years. My first bike ever was an Honda MB 50 when I was in matric in 1988. For many years thereafter I did not ride until I finally convinced my wife to allow me to buy another and start riding again. My next bike was a Kawasaki V900 Vulcan Classic after which I came to my senses and bought my current BMW R 1200 RT from Donfords Stellenbosch and I have not looked back ever since.


2019/01/30 - 11:35
R nineT
6-12 months


My names is Bashier Sonday

I am hoping to take delivery of a new R nineT classic, this Friday, 01/02/2019

This will be my 2nd ever bike.  I am trading in my 2015 Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider.  A tough decision, but am excited about the new bike.

Married, with a kid and another on the way.


2019/01/29 - 17:26
6-12 months

Hi - I am driving a BMW F 800 R



2019/01/29 - 11:11
3-5 years

I enjoy riding a motorcycle because...... its nice to ride a bike smiley.

Touring the back roads over a weekend or over longer stints is one of the most enjoyable things to do in life.

Chris Blenkhorn

2019/01/27 - 11:44
3-5 years


I had a 1200GS for 5 years and then sold it due to available time to ride the bike, but the bug had bitten.  Visited GS Traders, saw a GSA and had to be back in the saddle.  My wife and I would love to be part of a group of like-minded people who share a passion for these bikes and the outdoors. 


2019/01/25 - 14:36
10+ years

Been riding since the age of 4. Motorcross, superbikes and adventure.

Presently own a Blackbird, 700 Transalp and a 800GSA.


Eddie Creed


2019/01/17 - 09:40
R1200 GS Adventure
0-3 months
Hi, my name is Anroux and I am a Marketing Manager in Fruit Exports. I live in Paarl with my Wife and I am 41 years old. Have owned my first GSA for about 2 months know and enjoy every minute.


2019/01/13 - 22:40
F650 GS
5-10 years

I am a software developer in Cape Town, originally from KZN. I started my riding addiction with a Yamaha IT175 the moved on to a Yamaha TW200 and recently purchased a F650GS to get more into adventure riding!


2019/01/13 - 10:21
BMW F800 ST, BMW R1200 GS
6-12 months


My name is Gerald and I am probably one of the typical examples of a man of mature age, who has rediscovered a passion from the youth.

My wife, Alice, has acquired a BMW R310 and absolutely loves to ride.

We have two children, 18 and 23, and Achim, our son, rides as well. We live in Cape Town and own guesthouses.

That said, we are rather rusty and need a group of like minded people to (slowly) ride to discover the beauty of the Cape together.

We are also interested in attending training sessions to improve our riding skills.


See you at one of the next breakfast rides?


2019/01/10 - 11:23
G310 GS
0-3 months

Hello everyone!

Am 26 years old and have lived in Cape Town my whole life.

Novice to motorcycling - started off riding an old Honda 125 on dirt roads at a friend's holiday home up the West Coast numerous times. Biking-bug bit me and went on the search for a bike. Got the new G310 GS in September 2018.

Looking forward to gain more confidence and always strive to improve my skills.

I try and ride around the block every moment I can (some might have seen me around Rondebosch (bike is parked at work)).

Mostly into leisure/adventure and not commuting i.e. doing weekend breakfast runs and maybe venture into multi-day/off-road trips later on.

Live in Milnerton. I enjoy rock climbing at City Rock. I try and go camping each quarter.


Gids's picture
2019/01/08 - 19:31
BMW R 1150 GS 2002
3-5 years

Hi. I am Gideon. Born and bred in Southwest Africa, now known as Namibia. Spend some years in KZN and for the last 21 years in Cape Town.  Love riding motorcycles, 4x4 and camp as often as possible. I am new to adventure biking.  Have fun, enjoy life while you can. 


2019/01/08 - 07:55
GS1200 LC
2-3 years

Danie Malan. Work for Old Mutual Finance. Love sport and outdoor stuff. 


2019/01/06 - 23:56
BMW R1250GS-HP 2019
5-10 years

My name is Jonathan, was born here and have lived in Cape Town my entire life. I got my first bike, a Suzuki AC50 at 16, followed by a Suzuki GT250C and thereafter a GSX750. After a long break from riding I purchased my current bike purely for leisure, but if have to attend more early-morning meetings in town, I may well commute on the bike. I would like to tour a little, I have been following the Missenden Flyer on YouTube, and would not mind giving a local version of the Australian GS Safari a go - a little milder though. Not much one for camping, preferring a comfortable bed, having had all the camping I can take in the army.

Work-wise, I am into Geographic Information Systems which keeps me pretty busy and thus like spending some time on the bike on weekends to clear the mind a little.

I did find getting back into riding a bike reasonably easy, but these days prefer puttering along and enjoying the scenery. Mountain passes are a favourite, especially curvy sections. Have not done trips longer than 5 hours thus far. Looking forward to weekend outings in a group.


2019/01/06 - 20:17
5-10 years

My names Laurence and have been based in Cape Town for the last 20 years. Rode a lot of bikes when i was much younger and have rekindled my love for riding again when i purchased a GSA 6 years ago.

I have 4 grown up children who have more or less flown the coup. So with more time on our hands, my wife and i like to take day trips on our bike as much as we can. We are also keen mountain bikers so we try and balance our available weekends. Either way we love getting into the countryside together on two wheels.

Kobus Breed

2019/01/06 - 14:09
non at the moment
10+ years

Kobus Breed,

Ek woon al vir die afgelope 53 jaar in Pretoria.

Eerste motorfiets was 'n tweedehandse Honda 50cc op 16 gekry.
Tweede motorfiets was 'n nuwe Kawasaki Z440 nuut gekoop by Mean Machine, Pretoria in 1980.

Derde Motorfiets was 'n tweedehandse Honda 750.

Tans geen motorfiets nie.


2019/01/05 - 20:56
BMW F800GS 2013
0-3 months


Very very new to motorcycling. Last rode a motorbike back in varsity days (1992). Got bike for commuting to/from work but also for weekend socializing/adventure. Looking forward to  group rides and possibly some multi-day tours.

Best regards

Andre April



2019/01/04 - 13:37
3-5 years

Love my f800gs , easy to work on and yet so much reliability and fun to ride with

Mark Struwig

2019/01/04 - 11:14
R 1200 GS LC
0-3 months

Hi, you can call me Mark. I don't' have second names although I nearly had the name Andries Gustaaf Stefanus, but my mom informed my dad that she did not feel it was right for me. Apparently I was born slightly under weight and she believed I did not require any additional reason to be teased.

I can also be called "Crash", but that is not a reflection of my driving skills... to be fair I did drop my bike already... but that's why i added the drop bars. It's like my wife's car's bumper, it is full of knocks and scratches and her defense is that it is called a bumper... it's made to bump things.

The name Crash is my gaming name and came about long ago that I had the the worst, what ever parts I could get for cheap, PC. Nothing worked well together and as the name suggest, was very prone to crashing. But that also helped me gain the skills to fix PC related issues and now I work in IT as a Server Engineer.

Rode bikes when I was much younger and recently started again after almost 20 year gap. Did have a scooter about 10 years ago that I rode for a year to commute to work and back, but it was a tiny 125cc so I cant really count it. Unless no one was looking, then it counts.

Born and bred in the Cape and although having to move to other locations when I was younger and for work, always found a way to come back. Been back for 5 years after a 3 year stint in JHB. It was very refreshing seeing Table mountain and finally having a sense of direction again.

Married for 7 year with no children yet, but they say practice makes perfect. In the meantime my wife has increased the cat count in the house as time goes by, so we live with 5 cats and a large dog. To be fair, some of the cats were not ours but used to be family's who moved. I say moved, by that I mean moved out of our house and in some cases, the cats were better company so no hard feelings that they stayed.

I have a Yin-Yang sense of humor, by that it is light with a bit of dark and other times very dark with a bit of light. I was also raised in a family that is very witty with sharp remarks and although nowhere near the god level of my aunt with regards to comebacks, will try keep up with a good round of banter.

As for the riding itself, I would call myself Novice at best as I can ride but as my other friends explains, fall behind on the corners and only catch up again on the straights. Furthest road trip so far was to Hermanus and back but hoping to change that as i get more experience.




2018/12/31 - 23:14
bmw 1200 gs adv lc
1-2 years

Hi all. My name is Johan.

We moved to Cape town 5 years ago bringing along my first GS that only a couple of months in Cape Town.

Now at last I got my LC 

Me and the wife enjoy the outdoors and exploring, Bergbok is but one of the ways we do it

We always do it together and now want to take it to the next (offroad) level. 


2018/12/27 - 12:02
3-6 months

Having turned 50 this year, I got the G310R as a birthday present from my husband Gerald. He was riding a bike in his youth but stopped for many years...  He currently rides the 800ST and we look for trips with groups to gain experience and confidence.

Due to our motorbikes we are not "geared up" for off-road, so we look for more gentle street trips around Cape Town and beyond...

Apart from us two joining the mixed groups, I am also interested in the ladies only excursions.


2018/12/26 - 21:28
GS 650
6-12 months


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