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2019/08/21 - 12:29
BMW r1200r
1-2 years

My name is Jacques de Lange, I am 23 years old. I love riding my motorcycle. I recently bought my R1200R and would love to be part of the BMW Club


2019/08/17 - 23:52
1250 GS
10+ years



stevecaveney's picture
2019/08/16 - 14:47
F650GS Dakar 02
10+ years

I'm Steve, New to BMW bikes but an old timer on all sorts of bikes from super sports to trail to commuters and scooters.




2019/08/15 - 15:28
5-10 years

I am a current member of the Pretoria club and I have moved to Gordon's Bay permanently. I am an able off-road rider having completed a few Sabie GS challenges including a black route. GS Trohpy red gravel routes are fun.   

Ediz Aydin

2019/08/13 - 21:17
2004 1150 Adventure
10+ years


2019/08/12 - 12:57
GS 850
2-3 years

Hi, I recently bought a GS850 and am loving riding it in the Cape. I have a wife Jan and daughter Grace. I enjoy riding off the main road through interesting and scenic places enjoying the beautiful country we live in. I am interested in joining a club to meet other riders and going on day trips with the club. Thanks Craig

Jon Dawson

2019/08/10 - 06:22
K1600 GT
10+ years

Hi my name is Jonathan Dawson I have a farm in Philadelphia, Atlantis where I live with my wife and son. I currently commute on a K1600 GT and travel approximately 500 km per week to my office. This is my first BMW and I enjoy it so much, It's a pleasure to ride.

When time allows I would like to start doing some longer trips over a weekend. 

Jose Alba

2019/08/09 - 13:59
BMW r1200 c
1-2 years

6 hours

Andrew de Bruin

2019/08/05 - 12:25
10+ years


2019/08/01 - 05:48
2008 R1200GSA
10+ years

My name is Marc Louw. Dad is from Barkley East and I currently live in Bozeman, MT USA. I've been riding bikes since I was 10. I may move to the Cape somewhere when I retire. Go Boks!


2019/07/31 - 17:08
R 1250 GS Adventure
3-5 years

Joan Laing

2019/07/30 - 16:27
Honda Tornado 250
2-3 years

I started riding about 3 years ago.  My husband is the experienced owner of a Aprilia 650.  I want to get experience on gravel roads as I mostly commute to my work and back, about 13km away.  I did ride my in-law's bmw 750 for about 250km and enjoyed it.

Please send more details of the Greyton off road event when available.

Thanks and regards, Joan.


2019/07/30 - 10:22
2003 F650GS Dakar
3-6 months

First bike after scootering at school.


2019/07/29 - 18:55
1-2 years


2019/07/29 - 14:49
GSA 1200 LC
10+ years

A keen BMW rider , both on and off road

Dave Lasker


Alan Papas

2019/07/29 - 08:34
10+ years



I'm Alan

I have been riding motorcycles for about 40 years. I currently ride my GS650F to work everyday with the occasional breakfast run on the weekends.


2019/07/28 - 11:47
BMW F650 Dakar
10+ years

I love to ride bike with groups . I can't wait for the Sutherland trip!


Craigrides's picture
2019/07/26 - 19:09
3-5 years

Hello Mottorad club, Craig here 

I've been on 2 wheels on and off but now I've got something with a bit more get up and go, I've been on my bike since April 2019 and it's going well.. Been to brefdarsdop, struisbaai etc from CT.. I'm keen to explore.. Every now and again I get it right where I get a surf in at kommetjie and manage to ride the bike there and grab my board from a friend's house.. I loom forward to a elands bay trip for this reason.. So far I've done a bit of gravel riding.. I live in Claremont, my bike is white and red with yellow stickers all over my vario boxes.. Safe and happy riding

paulus kruger

2019/07/26 - 11:50
10+ years

Had a  R100RS for 25 years, want to get a GS 1200 now for some retirement fun

Paul Kruger


2019/07/22 - 14:52
R1200 GS
3-5 years

Hi my name is Geandrie

I am living in Paarl and I own a R1200GS. I love riding gravel roads so I am constantly looking for new roads to explore. I have been riding for about 6 years now and my previous bike was a Dakar.

Alan Woodcock

2019/07/19 - 10:37
0-3 months

Hi everyone and looking forward to meeting you


2019/07/18 - 14:23
BMW F 800 GS
10+ years

Hello ek's Hennie Schelhase en is . Het n BMW GS 800. Ek het die KLR Kawazaki 650 gehad. Bly tans in Worcester.My pa het die 1200 GS gehad totdat hy hom so maand gelede afgeskryf op Ladismith pad .


2019/07/11 - 15:17
2011 R1200GSA
10+ years

Neil Dallas

Neil Dallas's picture
2019/07/09 - 11:35
Bmw F800Gs
10+ years

Hi All.


Neil Dallas is my name and i have been addicted to bikes since i was a young boy. My dad installed the bug in me and have had numerous bikes over the years. Dabbled in endurance racing with countless track days and motorcross. Brought a BMW S1000R a few years back and got hooked on the BMW brand. Still have that bike and love it even more whenever i ride it. Met the most amazing woman (Nicky) who rode on the back with me for a while until she declared she was done with that and wanted her own bike. KTM 390 was her bike of choice and after 2 years we decided adventure bike riding was needed as we were tired at looking at all these gravel roads and wondering where they went. We decided on a 1 year plan to getting fully kitted. That turned into a 4 week plan and her on a yamaha XT250 (she is a small lady) and me on a 2010 F800 with super low mileage. We have clocked up a bit of mileage now and we though what better way to meet like minded people than join a club. So here we are...............

Alan Landers

2019/07/05 - 14:38
Honda CBR 1100 XX Blackbird
10+ years

Hi i am Alan


Thanks for this page

Christo Sampson

Christo Sampson's picture
2019/07/01 - 07:39
BMW GS1200 Adventure
6-12 months

Christo Sampson

Aged 38

Married to Shereeze

School teacher


2019/06/28 - 20:12
Bmw g650x country
5-10 years

Fun, humour...short light & bright.

From Johan Gouws


2019/06/26 - 13:36
2008 BMW 1200 GS Adventure
10+ years

Hi, i have always had a passion for off road riding, which i share with my son. I have recently purchased a 2008 GS Adv after having owned a few KTM 990's. I enjoy getting out on the dirt roads of the Cederberg and surrounding areas, my ideal ride is all dirt and as little tar road as possible.



2019/06/26 - 12:52
1250 gs
3-5 years


2019/06/24 - 14:51
650 GS
0-3 months

Hi, we love getting out and about and bought our first bikes recently.  We love exploring the back roads and hope to better the experience even more doing it with our bikes.



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