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2019/10/13 - 19:50
Gs1200 Adventure
6-12 months


New the the Adventure biking. Previously had an FZR 400cc 


Havent riden in 7 years 


2019/10/10 - 23:22
Soon: BMW R Nine T OG
0-3 months


2019/10/10 - 13:40
GS 1200 LC
2-3 years


I'm Ray, Have very recently (yesterday) acquired an Adventure bike. So I'm pretty green at riding one. 

The change is big as I moved over from an MV Agusta Brutale.

Looking forward to joining the club and training sessions and some adventures around South Africa.





2019/10/09 - 09:59
1-2 years

Moved to Strand last year from JHB. First bike was a KTM, then Honda and now the BMW.
I commute daily on the BMW from Strand to V&A for the last year.

Married with a little boy


2019/10/08 - 15:22
BMW F650GS Dakar
3-5 years

Hi, I am Johannes. I love to ride motorcycle. I do it 5 out of 7 days of the week.

Currently I repair a F650gs dakar and I am in need of parts.

Can anybody help please?



2019/10/08 - 11:35
2012 R1200 GSA
10+ years

Hi BMW Family

I have been riding for the past 30 years, having ridden and owned a vast array of manufactures bikes and always seem to gravitate back to my BMW R1200GSA. Perhaps it had something to do with age. the alure of speed, then the midlife death wish phase of Off-Roading and then growing up and thinking the cruiser would secure the love of my life and only to find that adventure riding is where the real passion is. So that about me in a nut shell

Peter Wray

Peter Wray's picture
2019/10/04 - 22:07
bmw gsa 1200 2016
10+ years

Hello. Adventure rider, commuter & weekend warrior. avid explorer & world traveler.

Have just spent 43 days riding to Kenya & back by bike. 28 days in tents, 2 in hammock and generally living life large.



LSW's picture
2019/10/04 - 10:41
BMW 1200GSA 2015
3-5 years

Pierre Grobler

2019/10/01 - 07:28
GSA 1200
6-12 months


2019/09/30 - 12:18
R 1250 RT
10+ years

Started Kawasaki GS 750 then BMW 1200 GS  then Back to Kawasaki Motocross bikes had a lot of them. Then Harley still have Hareley 

But this BM is out of this world it is the best bike i have ever had

Derick Duckitt

Steven Sun Hing

2019/09/29 - 22:51
F650 GS (twin) 2008
10+ years

Gary Shrosbree

2019/09/25 - 16:21
Bmw R 100RT 1980
2-3 years

Hi All I am Gary Shrosbree

I have always wanted a bike and eventually bought the 1100.

I have lived most of my life in Port Elizabeth (where I still work) and commute between there and Cape Town (by Plane not Bike) where I now live.

So I am currently just a weekend Biker.

John Stoltz

2019/09/23 - 11:59
10+ years

I am turning 62 coming November. Regular biking to Midrand office from Pta. Married 40 yrs but my wife do not ride with at all. Always solo love camping and outdoors. Not into raw off road but enjoy reasonable gravel.  

Karin Bradley

2019/09/22 - 17:21
F800 GS
10+ years

Keen rider. 


2019/09/22 - 17:09
BMW s1000xr
3-5 years

New in motorcycling. Addicted to it. Think most things on two wheels are cool.

Leon Grobler

Leon Grobler's picture
2019/09/19 - 15:30
1-2 years

Tim Gebhardt

2019/09/10 - 09:35
1-2 years

Riding a bit of Gravel and Offroad Tracks

Very Enjoyable, I like to take it easy.

My Family, Wife and two kids (still too young) dont ride (yet)

In the business of selling Precision Drilling and Cutting tools.

Best Regards

Tim Gebhardt

Marcus Twine

2019/09/06 - 19:29
BMW R 1200 GS LC
5-10 years

Johan van Eeden

2019/09/05 - 11:52
1200 GS
3-5 years

Hi, would like to join your club rides?

Kind Regards



Jacques96's picture
2019/08/21 - 12:29
BMW r1200r
1-2 years

My name is Jacques de Lange, I am 23 years old. I love riding my motorcycle. I recently bought my R1200R and would love to be part of the BMW Club


2019/08/17 - 23:52
1250 GS
10+ years



stevecaveney's picture
2019/08/16 - 14:47
F650GS Dakar 02
10+ years

I'm Steve, New to BMW bikes but an old timer on all sorts of bikes from super sports to trail to commuters and scooters.




2019/08/15 - 15:28
5-10 years

I am a current member of the Pretoria club and I have moved to Gordon's Bay permanently. I am an able off-road rider having completed a few Sabie GS challenges including a black route. GS Trohpy red gravel routes are fun.   

Ediz Aydin

2019/08/13 - 21:17
2004 1150 Adventure
10+ years


2019/08/12 - 12:57
GS 850
2-3 years

Hi, I recently bought a GS850 and am loving riding it in the Cape. I have a wife Jan and daughter Grace. I enjoy riding off the main road through interesting and scenic places enjoying the beautiful country we live in. I am interested in joining a club to meet other riders and going on day trips with the club. Thanks Craig

Jon Dawson

2019/08/10 - 06:22
K1600 GT
10+ years

Hi my name is Jonathan Dawson I have a farm in Philadelphia, Atlantis where I live with my wife and son. I currently commute on a K1600 GT and travel approximately 500 km per week to my office. This is my first BMW and I enjoy it so much, It's a pleasure to ride.

When time allows I would like to start doing some longer trips over a weekend. 

Jose Alba

2019/08/09 - 13:59
BMW r1200 c
1-2 years

6 hours

Andrew de Bruin

2019/08/05 - 12:25
10+ years


2019/08/01 - 05:48
2008 R1200GSA
10+ years

My name is Marc Louw. Dad is from Barkley East and I currently live in Bozeman, MT USA. I've been riding bikes since I was 10. I may move to the Cape somewhere when I retire. Go Boks!


2019/07/31 - 17:08
R 1250 GS Adventure
3-5 years


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