first TUBELESS rims, for the BMW 310GS, in South Africa

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first TUBELESS rims, for the BMW 310GS, in South Africa...

Flying Brick was excited to be asked to import a set (front & rear) of TUBELESS BMW 310GS rims, from the manufacturers, Rally Raid, in the UK, total cost of around R25,5K - a lot of money, but customer wanted SPOKED, yet TUBELESS rims!

If you wish to read more, then here is the 'blurb':


Each upgrade kit consists of:

Rear wheel: 17”x 3.50-36 hole, black or gold powder-coated aluminum rim, heavy-duty stainless steel spokes and CNC machined billet, black anodized, aluminum RRP hub that accepts the OEM cush drive, rubbers and brake components (including ABS).

Front wheel: 19”x 2.50-36 hole, black or gold powder-coated aluminum rim, heavy-duty stainless steel spokes and CNC machined billet, black anodized, aluminum RRP hub & dedicated disc spider that accepts the OEM brake components, and a new ABS ring.


Both wheels are supplied with high-quality, sealed roller bearings and seals.                                    

We have designed, developed and manufactured our own heavy-duty, tubeless spoked wheels for the new BMW G310GS, based on our rally & adventure experiences.

These are an improvement over the tubed versions, as we prefer to run tubeless tyres on an adventure motorcycle of this size, as repairing punctures can be much easier than those with inner tubes fitted.


All of  our wheels use stainless steel heavy duty spokes and plated brass nipples.

Both front and rear hubs are manufactured from 6082T6 billet aluminum alloy, and black anodized for a durable finish.

Benefits of our wheel kit:

• Rear hub is designed to work with the OEM cush drive and rubbers.
• Our rear hub/rim is 36 spoke pattern, much stronger and resistant to flex.
• Hubs supplied with bearings & seals.
• Both front & rear hubs designed to work with OEM discs, rear ABS ring and OEM screws.
• High-tensile "Bulldog" spokes are 33% larger cross section, and consequently 60% stronger tensile strength than the OEM plated mild steel spokes, plus they are corrosion-proof.
• Nipples are nickel-plated brass, again, corrosion-proof, maintenance free.

Both wheels are professionally sealed with a tubeless conversion by Bartubeless, with a 4 year warranty on each wheel.

Both rims are high-grade aluminum alloy, with tubeless "bump" for correct sealing.

The rim sizes are 19"x2,50 front and 17"x3,50 rear, 36 spoke hole pattern, and are available in either black or gold powder-coat.

Please select correct colour option from drop-down box.

We prefer the powder-coat rather than anodizing for the reason it is more durable, less resistant to marking when riding off-road, or changing tyres. And also they can be "touched up" with paint, if required, if they do happen to get damaged.


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Well done Chris.

I will say again it is no wonder you are so successful.

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thanks, appreciate that, much.

Chris & the Team - and it takes a team...!

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