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After upgrading to a R1200GSA, I am now preparing for my first multi day ride to Chintsa in the Eastern Cape - just after East London. I'm breaking up the ride over two nights going there (~ 500km/day), and one night coming back (work obligations ...).

Apart from my clothing, what do you think I should be taking along? I have a BMW puncture kit and first aid kit.

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Hi Roland.

Phone me on zero 8 two 5 one 5 0092. Much easier to discuss. I did a ride with a friend Oct last year in that direction and might have some good advice. Also have a look at many posts on this forum by Geoff RUSSEL about Eastern Cape Tours organized by him and many others. Andy CONNEL also did a post on what to have with you on trips like this. Very informative. I think you might also find Andy's pos on GOOGLE. 

The punctue kit and first aid kit will for me not be enough. Think again and wiselely.


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As long as you are able to repair a puncture you should be good to go.  A few suggestions:

  1. Generic fixing stuff, like Pratley's Steel Putty, cable ties, duct tape, some wire and a leatherman.
  2. A means of charging your phone from your bike, so that (if you have phone reception) you aren't thwarted by a flat phone in an emergency.
  3. A tyre compressor - useful for fixing punctures, but also adjusting tyre pressures or keeping a slow puncture at bay.

Your bike is new, you are not riding solo through Cameroon, and I presume you are not a mechanic.  So don't overdo it.

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Hi guys, sorry for the late reply (to-do list keeps on growing before I leave).

Thank's for your feedback. I should have clarified, this is a tar only ride, so nothing fancy and/or extreme. Here is my updated list of things (except for clothes, etc.) that I have obtained:

  1. Puncture kit and compressor.
  2. First aid kit.
  3. Cable ties, duct tape, wire and a multi tool.
  4. Rain gear.
  5. USB converted for the outlet and a battery pack with solar panel.
  6. Packtalk and GoPro all powered up.

Seeing that I have road side assistance from BMW insurance, I'll "outsource" bigger issues to them :)

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As many will advise you: take what you think you need and divide by 2. Just completed a 8,0 k trip did not need 5, 6 or wire. You have road side assistance so you should be good, but take 2 X 750ml bottled water/fruit juice (not the alcohol type) with you and some snacks Chocolates and nuts always good,in the top box, for that break (20,0 minutes) in-between the ride. it breaks the ride and recharges the battery again. Travel safe

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Often overlooked but have your contacts updated on your phone.


1. Insurance Contact details (with policy number etc even better).

2. Roadside Assistance (if different from insurance).

3. Relevant Contacts in the Area (BMW dealerships etc).

4. Details of people you are riding with or riding to.

Even better is to have them all on hard copy just in case of a situation where phone dies or breaks or gets lost.

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