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My Sena S20 comms system microphone ( in front of your mouth) got a little twist and the 2 x small wires that is connected there came loose in the process. Mic does therefor not work at all.

I need to know who can help me with  some very fine soldering  and attach those two tiny wires to their respective contact points again.

Even a business where i can get referred to who does this sort of thing ( if there is nobody on the forum who does this sort of thing)   will help.

Much appreciated!





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Try Bike 2 bike. talk to Andrew he may be able to help.

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Hi Hans,

I created an account to post a reply to you, so I apologise for not introducing myself first.

I used to do a lot of soldering for embedded systems - arduinos, some SMD chips etc. So depending on how fine a solder joint you need, I could happily help you out. Maybe just send me a picture of the circuitboard? It sounds like a 5-minute job to me though.




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H Rene.

Thanks a mill for the kind gesture, but I got sorted in the end. I will remember next time though!

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